Southfield (CW Detroit) – This week on STREET BEAT, our host Rob Stone interviews Detroit Music Awards Foundation Co-Founder and Co-Producer Gary Graff about his mission is to support and nurture the musical community.

Gary Graff, Co-Founder of the Detroit Music Awards Foundation, with Street Beat Host Rob Stone (Credit: Meggan Jacobs, CW50 Producer)

Next, Rob speaks with MusicTown Detroit’s Head Engineer Ryan Anderson and Executive Director Annie Scaramuzzino about their recording studio and programs for aspiring artists.

Ryan Anderson, Head Engineer from MusicTown Detroit, and Annie Scaramuzzino, Executive Director from MusicTown Detroit (Credit: Meggan Jacobs, CW50 Producer)

Then, Rob interviews 20 Front Street’s Co-Founders Allan and Angela Goetz about their building renovation and destination created to connect artists and audiences in a special way.

Allan and Angela Goetz, Co-Founders of 20 Front Street (Credit: Meggan Jacobs, CW50 Producer)

Finally, Rob speaks with Raina Baker from the Motown Museum about musical history in Detroit.

Raina Baker, Community Program Manager from the Motown Museum, with Street Beat Host Rob Stone (Credit: Meggan Jacobs, CW50 Producer)

Watch STREET BEAT Saturday at 8:30am on CW50


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