LEGACIES – Thursday, February 28, 2019, at 9pm on CW50

SPRING BREAK ROAD TRIP — When the urn goes missing, Alaric (Matthew Davis), Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Josie (Kaylee Bryant), Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), Kaleb (guest star Chris Lee), Dorian (guest star Demetrius Bridges) and Emma (guest star Karen David) hit the road to locate the artifact before the next Malivore creature arrives.

Matthew Davis as Alaric and Christopher De’Sean Lee as Kaleb (Photo: Richard Ducree/The CW)

Meanwhile, Lizzie takes aim at Hope for all the past spring breaks she’s ruined.

Christopher De’Sean Lee as Kaleb, Karen David as Emma, and Matthew Davis as Alaric (Photo: Jace Downs/The CW)

Finally, the group bands together when a town-wide quarantine threatens to expose their supernatural identities.

Julie Plec directed the episode written by Marguerite MacIntyre & Sherman Payne (#110).

Original airdate 2/28/2019.


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