This week, we have a great lineup of tracks from some of your favorite local artists! Take a peek below and let us know what you think!


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1. Betsy Soukup – “All Me

A beautiful voice carries this acoustic album, along with beautiful bass compositions that will transport you to the depths of Soukup’s soul. This album is deep and intriguingly dark with haunting vocals that feel both liberated and pained. The lyricism is straight poetry, and while Soukup draws you in with her talented bass arrangements, she also takes no time showing how effortlessly she can manipulate her voice. This album is a perfect fall listen.

2. My Brightest Diamond – “A Million Pearls

A well-renowned national touring act, My Brightest Diamond (a Detroit native) released a new EP back in April that meshes the world’s of pop, experimental, and classic genres to create a new musical landscape that is sure to entice. Her vocals are rhythmic and eclectic, while the instrumentation and production are clean and modern. It’s a perfect step in a new direction for this shining star.

3. Rachel In The Bible – “Anything

Delicate indie rock with soft vocals and melodic chords is what you’ll get from Rachel In The Bible. Reminiscent of 90’s indie jams. The stripped-down tracks feel washed and rugged, like they’ve been sitting in your basement for years like diamonds in the rough.

4. BAVE – “Nine Pound Hammer

(credit: Ben Zaporski)

This experimental, math rock album is a cornucopia of sounds, rhythms, ideas, and vocals. It has a life of its own and doesn’t commit to being one thing over another. You’ll hear some surfy jams mashed together with heavy guitar jams, a bit of screamo vocals colliding with jazzy percussion, and just about anything in between.

5. Battersby Takes Bronze – “Pill Song

Battersby Takes Bronze released The Whole Way Home EP back in 2017 and we must say that it is a biter of an album. The lyricism cuts deep with searing guitar solos, epic instrumentation, and a well-delivered theme. This indie rock group knows how to channel that brittle, fighting energy into something relatable.

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6. The Crane Wives – “Curses

The Crane Wives bring folky, groovy, indie perfection on their 2016 release Foxlore. It’s an energetic Americana jam with bright vocals, quality harmonies, and the use of some really quirky instruments that make this album a fun-loving, original work of art.

7. Pet Psychic – “Friendly Foes

Are you a fan of anything with waves? Tidal waves? Sound waves? How about garbage wave? Well Pet Psychic coined the term and brought it to fruition and we thoroughly enjoy it. It’s surfy and punchy with indie rock subtleties and a great garage, lo-fi feel.

8. Tunde Olaniran – “I’m Here

Always coming in with a BANG, Tunde Olaniran has turned it up to 1000% on this new release, Stranger. It’s a straight banger with remarkable beats, catchy lyrics, and hard-to-forget melodies. Everything about this album is top quality pop, but what sets it apart are the unique touches that always follow Tunde’s art. This reeks mega-hit.

9. Black Shampoo – “Lovejoy

Low-key, slacker indie group, Black Shampoo bring us a groovy and relaxed single with sparkly guitar, jazzy percussion, and soft vocals that are pleasant to the ears and remarkably chill. The guitar work in this track is layered and complex, which gives it a full sound that would match well with a lounge-type atmosphere.

10. VAZUM- “Fear

This dark rock album is full of high-energy jams combined with raging guitar riffs and ghostly, echoing vocals. It’s a gothic, ruminating type release that is perfect for those who enjoy their tunes with a side of taunting nightmares. Can’t beat that great alternative rock jam, though!


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Check back next week for more Detroit tunes!