Another season is upon us and it’s safe to say that it’s already filled with amazing local album releases from artists around the city! We hand-picked a few releases for you to check out and slapped them together for the first playlist of fall!

Take a peek below and let us know who you’ll be listening to during the fall months!

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1. Double Winter – “Fall On Your Face

(credit: Francis Kulikowski)

We’re excited to see Double Winter come out with a couple great hits! This week, we’ve been jamming to this psychedelic, 70’s rock single. It’s fast-paced and seductive with lots of tinny percussion and sick guitar riffs. Each member brings their own style to this band and we love how effortless and groovy their sound is.

2. Perfect Weather – “Void

If you’re looking for tasteful ambience with lots of feels, then look no further than this release from Perfect Weather. It’s masterfully produced with heart wrenching melodies and vocals, layered with muffled percussion making this a cathartic listening experience that draws you in.

3. Glauvine – “Grip

Perfectly washed up with wet and trippy guitar riffs, Glauvine creates a psychedelic soundscape that feels more like a meditation for your ears than a indie rock jam. The sound swims in and out of the foreground creating depth and flow that creates a soft, surf that you’ll never want to stop listening to. The vocals are trance-like and easily put us in a state of relaxed, bliss.

4. Custard Flux – “Tiger

(credit: Gregory Chamberlin)

This work feels nostalgic in some ways and extremely modern in others. A perfectly crafted track that conveys a certain emotional energy, while wrapping you into its cyclical rhythm and beautifully crafted acoustic guitar section. The vocals are soft and the lyricism is poetic. It’s an album you won’t want to miss.

5. Strictly Fine – “Lady Large

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This is Detroit, so you know you can’t get away from that funky, soul groove. Strictly Fine lays it on thick with classy horns, saxophone, two sets of percussion, and of course, the staple guitar and bass. This album is as accessible as jazzy, instrumental jams get. Each track brings something new and surprising. Your ears need this.

6. Electric Six – “Daddy’s Boy

A Detroit music veteran, Electric Six is on the cusp of releasing another full-length album titled Bride of The Devil. If this new track is any indication of what the album is going to sound like, I’d say we’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Their over-the-top musical performance on this track is one for the books. The guitars hit heavy with non-stop drums beating out a nicely paced alternative, dance rock jam that you’ll want to jump around to.

7. White Bee – “Beat State

Refreshing and upbeat, White Bee’s most recent single “Beat State” is a tasteful groove that boasts serenading vocals and jazzy, soulful melodies. It rotates between a classy coffee shop vibe and a brief, almost reggae-esque beat that will make you beg for summer again.

8. Extra Arms – “Under Surveillance

Back and better than ever, Extra Arms (formerly known as Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms) is bringing us deliciously loud and energetic indie rock jams. His lyricism is catchy and witty, while the instrumentation drives a hard hit right to the eardrums. The guitars are punchy, the solos are nasty, and everything about this upcoming release screams rock n’ roll. Check out their LP release show, 10/13 at Cellarman’s in Hazel Park!

9. Noveliss – “5 A.M. in Shibuya

(credit: Aaron Hendrick)

Always the talented lyricist, Noveliss has another album coming at you full-speed. Released in August, this 13-track release takes you on a journey through his mind and his storytelling. Noveliss ties his Manga writing in with these epic tracks and we can say that it does not disappoint. The productions are top-notch, the instrumentation and structure is enticing and the beats are fresh as always.

10. Zander Michigan – “Set Me Free

You may or may not recognize this side of Zander Michigan, because he’s made some changes and we dig it! This lo-fi, vagabond, desert rock sound pairs perfectly with his prolific Americana musings. It’s got some tasty guitar work, punchy percussion, and a quality rock n’ roll feel. He nailed it. Check out his EP release show, Friday (10/5) at The Loving Touch in Ferndale!

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Check back next week for even more local music for your listening pleasure!