The end of summer is here and we can’t believe it either! You may be celebrating the start of fall or mourning the loss of all that sunshine, but either way we’re back bringing you another playlist to keep you up-to-date on the newest releases in local music!

Give these artists a spin while you celebrate this weekend!

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1. Booty Jackson – “Everything You Do

(credit: Megan Henricks)

Perfectly described as “bubblegum soul,” Booty Jackson is a fun trio that will woo you with their neo-soul, R&B vibes. It’s poppy and groovy and we highly recommend!

2. Jerry Dreams – “Fleeting Feelings

Jerry Dreams’ new EP is swoony, west-coast indie with peppery percussion and melodic guitar. The folktronica vibes create a unique listening experience that feels dreamy and cathartic. This release will take you on a journey through emotions, sounds, and themes that you may not want to come back from.

3. Cosmic Handshakes – “Walkabout

This Balearic record is a swirling pool of beats caressing your ears. It’s a mash of electronic, house, ambient, afro-beat, and jazz. There is so much to explore in each track it feels like a maze of sound beautifully intertwined. Take a listen for yourself.

4. Chavis Chandler – “Gingerbread Man

Chandler’s album is one for the summer (even though we’re coming to the end). It’s a banger of a hip/hop record with well-crafted production and killer beats. Chandler’s voice is no-nonsense and his rhymes follow suit.

5. Infinite Land of Make-Believe – “Forest Witch

If you’re looking to space out to some bedroom psychedelia then give Infinite Land of Make-Believe a go! This EP is swoony and laid back with hints from the past of what psychedelic music was all about. 

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6. Pastel Arsenal – “Funketables

Futuristic beats doused in synth is where Pastel Arsenal lives. His tracks are more down-tempo and chill with complex arrangements that feel ultra luxurious to the ears. This album is sultry and expansive for its short 20-minute length. It’s worth all the listens.

7. Jonathon Ferris – “Playing With My Heart

If you dig simplistic Americana brushed with a bit of Midwest color, then Ferris’ recent release “Signal Repeater” is for you. It’s bright and energetic with melodic guitar and traditional harmonies. He’s a one-man-band and we admire his hard work.

8. Emily Rose – “Missouri River Bridge

Rose’s album “Wake Up Brave” is a wholesome release that touches every corner of your heart. Her voice is soothing and breathy, while her storytelling lyricism ropes you into the worlds she’s created. The instrumentation is folky and warm with lots of great artists bringing their talents to this album along with Rose. It’s quite the gem!

9. Matthew Crouch – “Acceptance/Never Alone”

Created as part of a soundtrack for short film “Little Church,” Crouch’s tracks are beautifully composed and arranged to embody the most complex of emotions. This track in particular feels hopeful, yet uncertain. The string and wind instruments float gracefully around one another and create a space engulfed in the weight of the sound.

10. The Editor – “Stolen Soul

This new album by The Editor has a track for anyone on the spectrum of electronic, ambient tunes. There are chill tracks with thick, sultry beats and there are high-energy, synthy numbers that will melt your face. Give it a spin and see where you land.


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Have new music you want to share? Leave a comment below and we’ll give your newest release a listen!