We’ve got new releases for you this week! Hopefully, it will gear you up for this last leg of summer!


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1. Nick Piunti – “You’re Perfect and I’m Not

Jangly and bright indie-pop rock, Piunti creates an upbeat album that you’ll want to sing and dance to, for sure. It’s high energy and melodic, which will put you in just the right mood for this last leg of summer.

2. Sara Marie Barron – “That Man

There’s no denying the pipes on this powerful lady. Sara Marie Barron’s newest release “Sad, But True” is a new soul, R&B, pop classic that incorporates a tasty mix of keys, horns, strings and bass. It feels classy and old-school with a modern twist and sensual vocals that give us all kinds of romantic vibes.

3. Quartet Now! – “Closing Doors

We love finding jazz albums for the playlist, because they are so unique and varied. These tracks feel improvised (and they very well could be!), which keeps you guessing the entire track. It’s playful, professional, inquisitive, and just fun to listen to. Jazz is a special type of music that really gets at the heart of rhythm and we appreciate this art.

4. Holly Miranda – “To Be Loved

We were around to review Miranda’s freshman release back in 2015 and here we are for her junior release in 2018. She’s come a long way, but her sound has transformed and morphed into something complex and wholesome. This 14-track release is a journey through exploratory sounds and themes with Miranda’s soulful and earthy voice carrying you through. It feels soft, yet powerful. We recommend you experience it for yourself.

5. Siamese – “Shifted Car

Oh, boy! Siamese is back with a new release that is knock-your-socks-off exceptional. Their darkwave, post-punk sound is raging in this album and you can feel the power coming through on the vocals and instrumentation. It’s a well-manicured album that drags you into the dark with droning, melodic guitar, haunting vocals, and shifty percussion.

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6. Throwaway – “Exotic Birds

Always experimental and avant-rock, Throwaway rips through this track with angsty lyricism and jagged, fuzzy guitar. It’s definitely a unique listening experience, especially when you just want to drown out the world and get all kinds of rowdy.

7. Disaster Relief – “Dorian DeLorian

Hello, jazzy, funky, groovy jams! Where have you been all this time? This May release from Disaster Relief is a toybox of funk-jazz instrumentation and it’s a fusion we didn’t know we couldn’t live without. The guitar riffs are heavy, while the horns blast life into each track. There’s organ, bass, drums, sax (so much sax), trumpet – literally everything you could want. These guys know how to jam. There’s nothing more we can say, just listen.

8. Woman Believer – “Across The Street

This album is a banger, and by that we mean that we just love it so much. Surreal female vocals, exceptional production, and an enticing, flowy jam. Woman Believer takes indie-pop to new heights with this release.

9. Soviet Girls – “To Be Your Girl

Dreamy, sad girl, pop-rock is a great description of Soviet Girls new release “Filled Up With Nothing”. It’s melodic guitar grooves and surfy percussion make this a PERFECT summer jam and we love their lo-fi sound. It feels unpretentious and laid back.

10. Safia Elaina – “Angel Puke

Created in her bedroom, Safia Elaina give us a glimpse into some beautifully, horrific themes with her tracks that play with girly stereotypes mixes with ghoulish descriptions. It’s an experimental, lo-fi experience that feels like a haunted fun-house of sound. We like where this is going, so check back with her tunes to find out what she’s stirring up next.


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