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1. Somewhere South of Here – “3 P.M. Three Days From Now

If you’re looking for a quintessential post-rock, alternative band to sink all your feels into, then don’t miss Somewhere South of Here’s recent release “With Her Came The Birds”. It’s emotionally intense with riveting guitar melodies, full-throttle vocals, and contrasting moments of beauty and pain.

2. Short – “Just Me

This artist is a bit of a mystery. Who are you, mystical electronic producer person? These tracks are some of the chillest, illest, most sensual jams we’ve heard in a while, and we appreciate this artist for bringing them out to the public. The female vocals are intoxicating and the beats are pretty sexy, if we do say so ourselves.

3. Joey Pecoraro – “Laundry Day

Need a playlist to zone out to? Percoraro’s new release “Music for Happiness” is the perfect album to throw on any day, any time. His talent shines on this record. It’s a beautiful mesh of lite hip/hop, jazz, electronic, and ambient. If you can imagine a lazy, sunny afternoon in the middle of summer with ice cold lemonade in your hand and a light breeze in the form of music, then you have this album. It’s spectacular.

4. I Am Day – “9 Times

A goddess and solo artist, I Am Day creates flowing, beautiful, beats layered with her nostalgic and soulful vocals. This thoughtful release has a subtle power that feels simplistic, yet extremely deep and sensual. This feminine energy is riveting and mesmerizing. Check it out.

5. Bonny Doon – “A Lotta Things

One of our favorite indie-country rock groups, Bonny Doon gives us a taste of their recent release “Longwave” that feels like a lo-fi, slacker jam meets sophisticated soul-searching. The lyricism is thoughtful and the simplicity of each track is refreshing. It’s like a cold sip of water on a hot day.

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6. Norty – “Alien Eyes

(credit: Kyle Norton)

Originally from the Grand Rapids area, Norty is a delicious mix of indie-pop, dance, and soultronica. Each song has its own vibe and personality with layers upon layers of instrumentation and well produced beats. The thought-provoking lyrics ground this album and make it a very mature piece for groovy listening.

7. Mexican Knives – “Social Diary

Swervy punk, garage rock with reverberating guitar and sultry vocals. Mexican Knives’ recent release is undeniably catchy and jam-worthy. It has a swimming, surf quality to it that lends itself to those chill, laid-back vibes.

8. Protomartyr – “You Always Win (feat. Kelley Deal)

Protomartyr’s new music is hyper fresh and ready for full absorption. The thick bass, dancing electric guitar, and intensely delivered lyricism is like a work of art that pushes the alternative genre boundaries. It’s thoughtful and meditated, which makes this a great listen for all Protomartyr fans.

9. Apollo Brown & Locksmith – “No Question

(credit: Austin Hart)

Always having a way with words and a compelling delivery through hip/hop beats and sampling, Apollo Brown & Locksmith have created something spectacular. Locksmith’s vocals and lyricism are groundbreaking, while Apollo Brown’s production is soul-stirring and enticing. It’s a much needed slap in the face with beats that will vibrate your inner being.

10. The 180Gs – “Bellyeye

(credit: Josh Silverstein)

Looking for something totally off the wall and interesting? Well we’ve got it! 180Gs released a 90-minute fully a capella cover of the English rock band, Cardiacs’ 1995 double album Sing To God. Apparently it was four years in the making and entirely instrument-free. This is a feat worth listening to, even if it gives you minor panic attacks.


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