The Pig & Whiskey Festival is back for another year of booze, BBQ, and live music! In the heart of Ferndale, you can experience the beautiful days of summer, while stuffing your face with some tasty local grub and jamming out to even more tasty local music!

This week we’re featuring a few artists who will be gracing the Pig & Whiskey stage this year (check out their set times below). Don’t miss your chance to see them live!

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Also, don’t forget that admission to the festival is free for all ages!

See you there!

1. Ohio Wild – “Love Letters
Friday, July 13th @ 7:30pm

(credit: Josh Malerman)

This duo knows how to create a romantically spooky atmosphere with their folky harmonizing vocals and delicate acoustic picking. It’s wildly imaginative and heartwarmingly sweet.

2. The Messenger Birds – “Self Destruct
Friday, July 13th @ 6:30pm

Do you enjoy relevant content with your garage blues rock? If so, check out The Messenger Birds’ new single, “Self Destruct”. It’s dripping with thick guitar, a solid rhythm section, and poetic lyricism that really drives the vibe of the track home.

3. Holly Bernt Band – “Keeping Time
Saturday, July 14th @ 4:45pm

Always a pleasant listen, Holly Bernt Band has a new track out that deserves a place on the most iconic road trip playlist. It’s folky, earthy, and rich with beautiful harmonies. The instrumentation is laid back and soft with warm bass, twanging guitar, and subtle keys. It’s melodic and fresh with perfect originality.

4. The Doozers – “D Major Teenager
Saturday, July 14th @ 1:15pm

This track is so much fun that you can’t resist grooving to it. The bright guitars and crashing percussion will wake up every nerve in your body. It’s youthful, surfy, alternative indie that feels carefree and energetic.

5. Kimball – “North Wilson
Sunday, July 15th @ 12:30pm 

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Slowing things down a bit, Kimball pulls at your heartstrings with “North Wilson”. It’s a beautiful track with swooning vocals, tinny banjo, melodic electric guitar, and a captivating rhythm. Talk about a real tear-jerker, this song will have you feeling all the feels. It’s gorgeous.

6. The Beggars – “Your Love Will Rot My Brain
Sunday, July 15th @ 4:45pm

The Beggars are straight-up party rock n’ roll that will have you instantly singing and dancing along. If this type of music doesn’t put you into a good mood, then we don’t know what will.  The guitar solos rip and the energy of their music can’t be beat.

7. Duende! – “Dance Party
Sunday, July 15th @ 3:30pm

Another one you won’t want to miss at this year’s festival is Duende!. They’ll knock your socks off with guitars that rip and a punky, psychobilly vibe. They know how to jam just about any genre and it’s no surprise that they’re so well-loved here in the D.

8. Ben Keeler Band – “Meditation
Saturday, July 14th @ 3:30pm

This jam will take you to another dimension with its metaphysical grooves and magical jams. This is definitely a fun tune from Ben Keeler. It’s dripping with imagery and has a solid rock sound that feels witchy and suspenseful.

9. Ancient Language – “Until Recently
Sunday, July 15th @ 6:15pm

Always beautiful, always whimsical, and always fresh. Ancient Language hits the spot with their new album released earlier last month. These tracks are full of vibrant and experimental instrumentation with a smooth, ambient psychedelic-feel. They may be an indie band, but they sure know how to step out of the boundaries and make something magical happen.

10. Mark Mallman – “The End Is Not The End
Sunday, July 15th @ 2:30pm

He may just be visiting for Pig & Whiskey, but we thought Mark Mallman deserved a place on the playlist. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mark Mallman kicks up some deep vibes with his 2016 release “The End Is Not The End”. His style oscillates between alternative rock and eclectic dance jams, which are super intriguing! Don’t miss him at the festival this year!


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Check back next week for a special Guest DJ-ed Playlist! You won’t want to miss it!