This week’s playlist is a special compilation of some of our favorite artists that we think would make a great addition to your summer playlist! There’s a little something here for everyone, so don’t be shy.

Let’s dive right in!

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1. Drinkard Sisters – “Keep The Sun Upon Your Shoulders

Harmonies, harmonies, harmonies. That’s all we really have to say about these two incredibly talented ladies. They’ve got a folk sound that packs a punch and will have you swooning. The simple acoustic guitar pays homage to their hearty vocals and thoughtful lyricism.

2. Honeybabe – “Almost

These guys are beachy and psychedelic. Perfect summer listening, in our opinion. They know how to mix genres to make a unique and universally appealing sound that will soothe the ears.

3. Jerry Dreams – “Charleston S.C.

Progressive indie group, Jerry Dreams takes you on a folky journey with what they’ve coined as “folktronica”. It’s a match made in heaven and we honor their adventurous journey into this addictive genre.

4. Taxon Clade – “Morning Calls

Taxon Clade is such a pleasant listen, it’s hard not to fall in love. The guitar is bright with tasteful, unobtrusive drums and quirky xylophone. You can’t be in a bad mood when grooving to these playful tunes.

5. Remnose – “The Beans

This dreamy, alt-country band makes us want to lay in a bed of wildflowers and stare at the sky. The beautiful melodies and slide guitar bring old school folk and country crashing into surfy, psychedelic electric guitar vibes. It’s a swoon-worthy combination of sounds and ideas that really make for a great listening experience on all fronts.

6. Don’t – “Your Head

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Sweet in delivery, yet bitter in contemplation. Aside from the punk, bedroom rock vibes that make you want to dance like it’s 1999, their brutally honest lyricism and untouched vocals make this a heartfelt listen. The recordings are crisp and vibrant. Each track cuts the silence like soft butter and it just melts reality away. There is a phenomenal dynamic happening here and we’re pumped to have stumbled upon it.

7. Legume – “Peach Fuzz Beauty

Surf, slacker rock with lots of DIY tendencies. It’s uplifting, a bit slighted, but overall fun and charming. We love the stoner vibe of the vocals mixed with this bright and cheery guitar chiming in the backdrop.

8. Cheerleader – “Beauty Queen

The girls are here and they really could care less about what you think. Women rejoice in your epic power, men acknowledge said power and be subject to the craft. The vocals are grungy and bitter while the guitar and bass hammer away over clashing drums. The lyricism reeks of independence and grit. Now is the time for music like this.

9. HALA -”Club Soda

Prized Lo-fi beach rock artist, Ian Ruhala drawls over a swoony guitar riff with minimalist drums beats and ghostly harmonies. It’s a relaxing listen that will have you amped for that warm summer weather. This couldn’t be a better time for him to drop some new tunes…we can’t wait any longer.

10. HANDGRENADES – “Vampires and Freaks

This recently released single is washed with melodic and surfy guitar vibes, groovy bass, and bright percussion. It’s a summer anthem if there ever was one! This indie rock track is a great taste of whatever HANDGRENADES has in store for future tracks. We dig it!


Check back next week for our annual Pig & Whiskey playlist! You won’t want to miss it!

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