If you’re bored of the same ole’ same, check out our artist picks below to switch things up!

We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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1. Ohio Wild – “Shadowing Chameleon

(Credit: Josh Malerman)

These hauntingly beautiful folk songs will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Can folk music do that? Apparently so, according to Ohio Wild. The contrasting vocals create surreal harmonies that feel quirky and playful, while the lyricism is beautifully descriptive of otherworldly peoples, places and things. The simple acoustic compliments this arrangement perfectly and there’s nothing more that’s needed, really.


2. Jesse Shepherd-Bates – “No Reason For That

The ever-so-talented JSB has a compilation of tracks from the plethora of bands he has dipped his toes in. It’s a great collection of jams with this particular track being our favorite. The lyricism is thought-provoking, the guitar and bass work are fairly intricate and the compilation is a gem in itself. Take a listen!

3. AM People – “Friend Request

(credit: Kyle Gilbride)

Beachy, post-punk and fuzzy, AM People’s most recent release is a winner in our books. It’s perfectly moody while still having that laid back vibe. The guitar melodies go between casual and swoony, to bright and frantic. The dynamic of this music from track to track makes it a delight to listen to!


4. LOOKY LOOKY – “Roman Aerobics

This electronic, dance duo sure know how to craft a vibrant beat that will make you want to bust some moves. The synth is thick and the jams are downright contagious. You can’t go wrong with a groovy beat layered with spacey sounds. It’s intoxicating to say the least.


5. The Armed – “Heavily Lined

Not recommended for people with heart conditions (for real). This new release by The Armed is something else. It’s punk rock on steroids and it’s about as fuzzed up and erratic as you would assume. It’s a unique spin on hardcore rock with splinters of psychedelia that shine through briefly to give context to the abundance of noise coming through the headphones. It’s well done hardcore punk and may we say that if you want to scream, then this album is for you.

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6. Ashlee Alpha Shrimp – “Bare Boned

Looking for simplistic, political singer/songwriter? Ashlee Shrimp has that for you. Her one woman band is a stripped-down as you can get without an acoustic guitar and it’s powerful. Her haunting vocals and delicate guitar strums really trap you in the moment. The lyricism makes you think and the music adds to the brash self-awareness that comes with brutally honest jams.


7. Baggage – “The Good That Never Comes

(credit: Kris Herrmann)

Witty lyricism and great indie rock vibes, Baggage harkens back to those solid post-hardcore days of rock with melodic guitar solos and heavy bass with repetitive drums that never fail to make each song a personal anthem. These guys know how to write songs that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head and lyrics that you’ll want to post as your status on Facebook.


8. Braidedveins – “Everything Dies

Punk rock that’s downright fierce is what you can expect from Braidedveins. They have elements of hard rock and some grunge, but it’s a tasty mix that’s perfect for those who like to rock out. It’s dark and sinister with raging electric guitar blasting its way through crashing drums. You’ll definitely want to headbang to this one.


9. JRAE All-Day – “Love Gettin’ To Know Ya

Looking for an electro-pop rap to kick off your summer? Check out JRAE’s 2018 release! This short gem is full of old school beats intertwined with modern synth and samples. It’s a summer anthem if there ever was one. Her style is unique and worth checking out!

10. Lvrboy. – “Pretty

Sweet and groovy guitar licks serenade your ears while a thick bass line runs in the spaces between. The vocals are soulful R&B that feel like sweet, rolling molasses. You’ll be begging for more when this track ends. Stay tuned in for more releases from Lvrboy.!


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