It’s warming up and summery vibes are strong this week! Take a listen to some Detroit artists to get yourself in the mood for warm days and long nights!


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1. Image Over Being – “Insane Plane Meditating

Looking for some crazy, disassociating sounds to help you forget about the monotony of your days? Image Over Being will be able to do that for you. It’s a myriad of different instruments and sounds strung together to create an abstract, electronic vibe that may surprise you.


2. JUNGLEFOWL – “Undercover Flower

A favorite rock duo of ours, JUNGLEFOWL never disappoints with their killer vocals and big, fuzzed-up sound. The guitar is gritty, the drums are energetic, and it’s a rockin’ jam that will have you dancing.


3. Jackson and The Poolsharks – “Morgan The Moose

An uproarious and rock-heavy single, “Morgan The Moose” features Jackson and the Poolsharks pouring their thick guitar grooves into an anthemic jam that will have your head bobbing. The acoustic is twangy and pushed above a dense arrangement of percussion, bass, and electric guitar. It’s a carefully arranged mosaic of sound that hits heavy and lingers.


4. Ladyship Warship – “The Earth Opened Up

A kickin’ two-piece band with lots of gritty rock n’ roll hits. These guys give off a stoner-rock vibe that feels unrushed and moody. The guitar is fuzzy and the drums are crisp. Check them out for a whole lot of jams between two cool dudes.


5. Honeybabe – “Resist The Temptation

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This summer you may want to bust out some Honeybabe, because their beach grunge jams will have you dreaming of sand and sun. They exemplify indie surf and create a dreamy, breezy vibe that is perfect to throw on at your next BBQ.


6. Asklepius – “Circulation

Asklepius creates a world all their own with tracks that seem to tell a truly epic story. Their instrumental work is both beautifully ambient and progressive, with hints of experimental psychedelia. The piano is catapulted into another realm with the surrounding synth and explosive drums to boost its delicate sound and create a lightness and a darkness that is downright gorgeous.

7. Mango Lane – “Anything

If you’re ready to chill out and get some sexy grooves going, then Mango Lane is where it’s at. Hovering in the realm of soulful pop and experimental electronic, Mango Lane utilizes their sound to create some of the most sedating and luscious jams we’ve heard in a while.

8. Shady Groves – “Hourglass

A perfect middle-ground between surfy, pop and psychedelic rock, Shady Groves is some of the most pleasant indie rock we’ve heard in a while. The guitars are bright, the synth is majestic and the vocals laidback and sensual. Enjoy this on your long drives this summer.

9. Ex American – “The Same New Man

Looking for intense avant-garde, industrial and electronic pop? Check out Ex American’s new track. It’s an energetic, full-throttle song that aligns artistic intuitiveness with dance, synth-filled vibes.


10. Jemmi Hazeman & The Honey Riders – “You Can’t Read My Mind

We’ve written about Jemmi Hazeman in the past! His recently-released psychedelic-pop banger is one you won’t want to miss. The fuzz, the synth, the guitar work…it’s all there for you to indulge in.


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Check back with us for some more summer tunes to add to your playlist!