We may have outdone ourselves on this week’s playlist, but we’ll let you be the judges of that. Check out an eclectic mix of artists from a host of genres! You’re bound to find something you enjoy. We guarantee it!


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1. Leo Crown – “Movement in Time

Syrupy, wet guitar lays over jazzy drum beats and rumbling bass as these demo tracks whisk you away to a psychedelic, fuzz rock utopia. A majority of these tracks are instrumental, but they express so much musically that lyrics would be overkill. The bright melodies create a euphoric listening experience that would relax the most stressed soul.

2. Omar Abu – “Versus Lust

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Maybe you’d like some electronic beats combined with traces of techno, soul, hip-hop and Arabic influences? Well Omar Abu brings it all and more with his 18-track release scraping every corner of inspiration he can find. The tracks are short and spritely making it easy to whiz right through the eccentric beats and samples.

3. Lemoncollies – “Breezy

Lemoncollies have a youthful and fun sound that’s reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock with experimental indie-surf. The lyricism is super catchy, the guitar transitions from bright melodies to heavy jams, while the percussion sets the pace. It’s just an all-around fun album that is worth a listen for those summer vibes.

4. Adam Santoya – “Shades

This single is a force to be reckoned with on Santoya’s yet to be released album “June”. It’s a heavy-handed electronic track with a looped woodwind sound creating an oriental, earthy base-layer with soulful beats dripped over top. It’s sultry and smooth with the right amount of grit to give it that hip-hop vibe.

5. Lady Monix – “Love U Mix

Another fun, instrumental track is brought to you by Lady Monix, a House music icon who layers tracks and beats like no other. If you’re looking for a classy and groovy hour’s-worth of music, look no further, because this track is downright sinister. It’s hypnotizing with a perfect combination of tracks that feel both modern and nostalgic.

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6. Kimball – “Guns

Low-key alternative indie rock, Kimball knows how to tug at those heartstrings with gorgeous vocals and thick, emotive instrumentation. This track is beautifully done in all aspects and blooms gracefully as you continue to listen. The acoustic guitar is bright and warm, while the drums add a dramatic and earthy tone. We can’t wait to hear more from this group.

7. Eliza Godfrey – “I Could Cry

Coming out of nowhere with a beautiful, country-twang and simplistic, yet complimenting guitar work is Eliza Godfrey. She’s blowing our minds with this gorgeous demo that is literally ripping our hearts out. It’s perfectly imperfect in all respects and we can’t even understand how anyone can sing like that. This track is is like an indie, country classic that will guarantee to make you cry, just like the title of the track suggests.

8. JD Wright – “Teeth

Epic for a singer/songwriter, JD Wright’s track “Teeth” is one of many on his upcoming release Lake Effect. Wright’s sound is a smidge country with a whole dollop of folk. Swoon-worthy guitar riffs roughen the edges of an otherwise innocent and mild track. It’s got a lot of depth and emotion that is easily palpable when listening to his songs.

9. Dear Darkness – “Creep

Our favorite post-punk duo released a new album and we’re pretty stoked about it! Bad Kind Good is heavy and gritty with unique additions like keyboard and synth that really add a new dimension to Dear Darkness’s sound. It’s still the awesomely minimalist, reverberating guitar and drums that we’ve grown to love. This album is a fun, care-free listen that showcases the best of punk duos.

10. Moonlighter – “Give Us Rain (Ah Mila)

This Afro-beat, deep house record is quite the gem of a listen. Rain sticks, chanting, and beautiful keys make this an expansive listening experience that feels tribal, yet modern. The beat is energetic and builds progressively to a bright, synthy jam that feels uplifting and inspirational. It’s a gorgeous house track that will withstand time.


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Check back next week for more of the Detroit music you crave (we know you do)!