This week’s playlist features artist’s recent releases and some old faithfuls that we couldn’t help but include. Make sure to check out their band pages for upcoming events and releases, so you never miss a beat!


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1. WhiteWall Steve – “Sweetest Waste of Time

A mesh of singer/songwriter, alternative indie, and subtle country, WhiteWall Steve is the epitome of pleasant, easy-listening. It’s a fusion of sounds that feels like 90’s nostalgia in the best way. You’ll experience some slow jams, some ripping guitar solos, and just an overall chill vibe with this one.


2. Little Traps – “Mouth Full of Butterflies

Fun and folky singer/songwriter that reminds you of a nice warm summer day. The lyricism is poetic, the harmonies are beautiful and subtle, and the instrumentation is classic. If you like your music simplistic and a bit angsty, then these guys are for you.


3. Ancient Language – “No In/No Exit

Ancient Language’s new single is as epic as ever. It’s anthemic, full of synth, and beautifully arranged to pull you in deeper as the song progresses. The vocals are soaring and inspiring as the track builds to an epic crescendo with bold saxophone and unrelenting percussion.  


4. Holiday Flower – “Live This One Down

Looking for another epic sound? Holiday Flower is new on the scene, but they’re making some huge waves already with their new track. This progressive rock number is full of intense vocals, hammering guitar, and hypnotizing drums that will make you feel like you’re in one of those spinning tunnels at a fun house. It has a synthy vibe that makes it feel dreamlike.


5. Adventures with Vultures – “I Found A Dreamer

A perfectly gruff voice combined with bluesy, folk rock makes for a great EP by Adventures with Vultures. It sounds like a labor of love and the instrumentation makes it buttery smooth with just a hint of grit to make it down-to-earth.


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6. Ahmi – “Field Prayer

If you’re in the mood for some brain-melting instrumental tunes, then check out Ahmi. Their 17-track release is an other-worldly experience with high voltage, instrumental music that contains its own sense of personality. The percussion is baffling, while the guitar melodies linger along in beautiful congruence. It’s a fusion of jazz and math rock that will inevitably have your head spinning.


7. Shawn Butzin – “Westbound Train

If you’re a wanderlust at heart, then this may be the album for you (when it’s released, of course). Butzin’s single “Westbound Train” is a folky, Americana track that has layers of alternative country mixed with folk and it’s making us want to roam. This track is upbeat and spirited with twangy vocals, rippin’ guitar licks, and a rambling beat that you can’t help but move to.


8. Science for Sociopaths – “Fool Me Once

This single is a stinger with pleading vocals that soar over a bright acoustic rhythm. It’s an adult contemporary number that really pulls at the heartstrings and runs rampant with emotion. This is a strong, emotional track that is worth a good, hard listen.


9. The Burning Ponies – “Cuba

This may be an older release, but we’re happy to share it here, because The Burning Ponies are back in Detroit! In honor of their return, we thought we’d remind everyone of their surfy, neofolk sound that is so unique to the BPs. This track is jam-worthy and psychedelic, but there’s always a natural element of tropical, gloriousness that meshes perfectly.


10. WOMB – “Christina Aguilera Will Have Her Revenge

If you’re looking for a heavy metal, neo-political, intersectional feminist band to rock out to – well, we’ve got the band for you. Your eardrums will be blasted with insane bass and drums, while the guitars will give you goosebumps, and the vocals will blow your mind. The lyricism is gritty and a solid serving of angst with very little frivolity. Your daily dose of justice and equality is served straight at your face with little apology.


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Check back next week for more Detroit music!