The 8th Annual Detroit X Detroit show is coming up this Saturday, April 14th at The Loving Touch! In honor of one of our favorite events of the year, we’re featuring amazing artists that will be covering other Detroit artists from past and present.

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1. Jack Oats – “Seeing It Wrong
…as The Rationals

A good taste of folk Americana with rock roots, Jack Oats has a very down-to-earth sound that makes us think of those beautiful, middle America meadows. It’s a full listening experience, which is much-appreciated from a solo-acoustic artist. There are layers upon layers of delicious folk to discover.

2. The ILL Itches – “Lucille
…as The GO!

Playfully sinister, garage rock with lots of personality. The ILL Itches will rock your socks off with high-intensity guitar and feverish drums. They know how to crank up the volume and demand attention. There are punchy guitar solos, impassioned vocals, and an overall presence of what Detroit rock n’ roll is made of.

3. Matt Dmits – “Crazy
…as Marshall Crenshaw

Matt Dmits’ music reminds us of some of the most nostalgic classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s a perfect mash of Americana, alternative-country, and rock n’ roll. Each track is heartfelt and tells its own story. The guitar work is meticulous and well-crafted, the vocals are wholesome and the production on each song makes this album a real gem.

4. Citizen Smile – “Dream Awake
… as Handgrenades

Indie pop with a fun twist, Citizen Smile has been on the scene for a while and we’re happy to be featuring them in the playlist again! Their sound is textbook indie rock, but there’s bit of personality that sneaks through, making this a unique listening experience that feels familiar, yet totally new. The guitar and bass really drive the sound forward, while the drums leave it suspended in rhythmic perfection.

5. Jake Webb & The Commitments – “The Distance
…as Jack White

Groovy, indie folk with a bluesy texture, Jake Webb & The Commitments make music that gets down deep. The lyricism holds its own as extremely poetic and immersing, but the instrumentation is what draws the emotion and provides the vibe for the story. There is a balance between the brightness and melody of each track and the deep, rhythm that runs through it.

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6. Scarlet Lies – “Brightest Crayon
…as Diana Ross & The Supremes

Powerful female vocals with riveting lyricism and exciting instrumentation. Scarlet Lies is a new wave, rock force that comes at you full-force with thick bass, heart-stopping guitar solos and compelling drums that will have you moving your feet in no time.

7. TROUT – “The Great Southern Psycho Dance
…as Ted Nugent

These guys are gritty, bluesy rock n’ roll with a force that feels like a punch in the gut. It’s an homage to that classic, southern rock of years past. The passion and tenacity is palpable throughout their music and we guarantee you’ll feel it too.

8. Mac Saturn – “I Am A Coyote
…as Grand Funk Railroad

Mac Saturn knows how to kick the blues rock tunes and give them a unique spin. There is wet and melodic guitar that plays beautifully with the rhythmic bass and crisp percussion. There are plenty of layers to be discovered on this record and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

9. The Fruits – “Island Girl
…as The White Stripes

Groovy and jazzy, The Fruits most recent single is a real charmer. This stripped-down, acoustic version showcases their talent and gives a nice crisp sound to the track. The vocals are mesmerizing and the instrumentation is top-notch. Don’t miss it!

10. The Social Bandits – “Letterburn
…as Stevie Wonder

Charming and excitable, The Social Bandits know how to harness the power of funk and groove. Their music is incredibly light and enticing with horns, keys, and melodic guitar. The rhythm is energizing, the sound is larger than life and their vocals are bursting with emotion and personality. You can’t beat good, uplifting jams. The Social Bandits know how to lighten the mood.

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Check back next week for more of your favorite Detroit artists! You never know what they’ll be up to next!