We’re exploring the more experimental artists this week and we hope it inspires you to think outside the box! Avant-garde, abstract or experimental music can be hard to get into, but once you do, it can be the most inspiring. Check out the talented artists we’ve assembled for this week’s playlist!


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1. Custard Flux – “The Hit Parade

This psychedelic, progressive-rock group creates a unique sound that is inspiring and entertaining. The guitar work is impeccable, the drums add a rhythm all its own and the bass is exceptionally deep and moody. These few released tracks are a privilege to listen to and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.


2. Safia Elaina – “Honeycomb

Youthful and promising, Safia Elaina paints a bright picture with music that includes background noise, synthy sounds and earthy, hollow guitar. This mixtape is decadent and sweet bedroom pop that is lo-fi and wholesome. Take a listen and get transported to a dream-like state.


3. Just Guys Being Dudes – “Lovesick Honey

If you’re feeling trippy and would like to listen to something a little “out there” and off-the-cuff, check out Just Guys Being Dudes. The lyricism is funny, the instrumentation is simplistic and avant-garde. It’s like stand-up comedy over guitar licks and erratic drums, but it’s definitely a change of pace and there are plenty of tracks to check out.


4. Bonny Doon – “I Am Here (I Am Alive)

This recently released album is chill indie-rock with lots of heart. It’s low-key and bright with melodic electric guitar, complimenting acoustic guitar and hypnotizingly rhythmic percussion. The lyricism is intellectual and thought-provoking while still being catchy to sing-along to. Everything about this album feels pure and thoughtful, like every word and note was crafted meticulously. It’s a beautiful piece of work.


5. True Blue – “Slow Dive

(credit: Trueblue.bandcamp.com)

This new track by True Blue is 90’s nostalgia wrapped in a nice modern package. It’s grunge rock with manicured edges. There’s a balance of intense melodies, slick harmonies, and punchy drums that really reminds us all what alternative rock was all about.


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6. River Spirit – “Winter Song

Soft, groovy, and minimalistic, River Spirit’s recent second EP is a soulful, vocal-heavy release with unique instrumentation and personality. It feels more like poetry put to music and is intellectually dense. Each track holds its own space and we admire River Spirit’s ability to move fluidly between their unique tastes and genres.


7. Electric Six – “The Chimes of Titus

Always entertaining, Electric Six has been running rampant in the Detroit music scene for 15 incredible years and in honor of their impressive track-record, they’ve released an album! It’s a dense tracklist dripping with anthemic, alternative rock that has all of the energy of a newbie band. Their guitar solos rip harder than ever and they sure know how to give it their all. These jams never disappoint.


8. Mac Saturn – “Banana Wine II

Bluesy, indie rock with a surf-vibe, Mac Saturn put out a groovy album that will have you dancing. The guitar is wet and melodic, while the bass keeps the sound fat and rhythmic. The percussion is bright and each track is like a sparkly, new gem. Top notch tunes, right here.


9. The Native Howl – “Into The Darkness

Always intense, always raging, The Native Howl lays it all out on the table with their single “Into The Darkness”. It’s a frenzy of banjo, bass, and drums with a slightly softer side towards the end that wraps it all up nicely and shows a more melodic and low-key version of The Native Howl. It’s just for a few seconds though, because you can bet they are back at it before the song is over. It’s thrash-grass as ever with that awesome metal-head charm we’ve come to love.


10. Saajtak – “Spokes

Quite the unique genre, Saajtak creates their own musical universe with electronic improvisation, jazzy beats, operatic vocals and an overall avant-garde approach that’s as abstract as their name may suggest. It’s almost like watching a musical, something with a plot and a setting. It’s an interesting listen and worth the exploration.


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Check back next week for more new and exciting artists here in Detroit!