We’re on the cusp of spring, but winter wants to linger. So to get us through a few more weeks of chilly temps and snow, we’re bringing you new music! It may not keep your fingers warm, but your ears will be!


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Listen below!


1. Ben Keeler – “Sunshine

Refreshing folk with catchy lyricism, melodic instrumentation and an infectious loveliness that makes us want to listen over and over again. This album is a pop-rock delight and will most certainly make its way to our summer jams list.

2. Says Things – “Standard Candles

If you’re looking for something of experimental nature, then this artist should definitely tickle your fancy. This electroacoustic, glitch-jazz album is a thing of art. Trumpets jumble with random notes of percussion to create an eccentric sound that feels more abstract than any other comparable genre.

3. The Diseffect – “Unicorns

This indie, darkwave solo project really hits us in the 80’s feels. It’s full of synth, melodic and droning, with echoing vocals and the unique sound of machine drums. It feels deep and gloomy, but the melodic synth and guitars make this a little less looming and a bit more dance-worthy.

4. Stef Chura – “Degrees

A balanced listen for those who like to mix it up, this single combines delicate finger-picking with grunge to create an intoxicating dynamic that sounds emotional and intense.

5. Jacob Sigman – “Ghost

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This guy has a fantastic voice, incredibly infectious music and a popular pop feel that is hard to beat. Sigman will capture your ear with this recent release and we bet you won’t be able to stop listening. Might as well call him Detroit’s Michael Buble.

6. Zion Sleep Syndrome – “Troubled Earth

Post-industrial, gothic tones lumber on in this release. The haunting vocals flow slowly through each track and bring a tribalistic feel with moaning chants. It’s dark and dramatic, which makes it appropriate for summoning ghosts and ghouls, if you’re into that sort of thing.

7. Super Guitar Bros – “Song of Storms

If you’re a fan of video games, then we’re certain you’re going to be a fan of Detroit’s most notorious acoustic duo, bringing you the music of Nintendo and Zelda on their 25-track release. A unique album capturing the theme and magic of other worlds.

8. Sam Goldberg – “Side A

Need a moment of peace and tranquility? Check out Sam Goldberg’s beautiful arrangement of otherworldly acoustic tracks that are both atmospheric and ambient. It will teleport you into a space of calm and meditation. The sounds are earthy and thick, which wrap you like a blanket and ease the constant nagging of the mind.

9. The Running Youngs – “Maria

A group of talented artists bring us a beautifully heartbreaking, yet hopeful release with enveloping guitars, motivating percussion and intricate arrangements that tug at the soul. The lyricism is thoughtful and intellectual, while the music drives the message home with passion, depth and sincerity. It’s a great alternative indie-rock album that has more to offer than one might expect.

10. Enchantelope – “The Necromancer

This music will rip you to pieces in the best way. The guitar riffs and bass lines may just melt your face off in this one. It’s hardcore rock with a smidge of doom wrapped all together in no-apologies style delivery. The guitar solos are a thing of beauty and it’s hard not to headbang to these tracks (you’ve been warned). You’ll want to turn your volume up nice and high for these guys.


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Check back next week for more Detroit music!