Playlists are for listening and that’s what you should do. One of these days this playlist might just play a band like you!

We’re always looking for recommendations and you know we love a good Detroit artist. So shoot them our way!

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In the meantime, check out the artists featured this week! It’s a great mashup of indie, punk, psychedelic rock, pop, etc.

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1. Matt Dmits – “Sticking Around

This recently released album is an Americana roots rock revival with country twang and a lot of heart. The lyricism is catchy, intellectual and wholesome. A plethora of instruments push these tracks up and out, while the guitar-work is a delight to the ears. It’s amazing to hear something like this come out of Detroit and it’s a real gem of an album that you should absolutely check out.

2. TYRE – “The Future Was…

Spunky, rock and roll reminiscent of pop punk with some geek rock tendencies is what you’ll get from TYRE’s recent release this month. It’s so darn catchy you’ll want to play it over and over. The melodies are pronounced and the guitar riffs are thick. It’s an album that will pump you up and get you going.

3. Breza – “Dry In Five

Surely this is grunge, indie rock magnificence. There’s so much fuzz happening you’d think you were wrapped in a shag rug. A simple layout of drums and guitar with punkish vocals fit perfectly together in an almost apathetic arrangement that just shows you can act casual and still arrange some sick tracks. These women rock.

4. Reuther – “Last Call

Releasing this spring, Reuther is bringing some heavy, post-hardcore punk rock to the scene. This single doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to hammering guitar and runaway bass lines that will make your head spin. It’s thick with drums that make it punchy, but has some great melodies on the guitar to keep it light. Keep your ears out for this one. It’s comin’ at you fast!

5. St. Zita – “Series of F*cks

This may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie. Looking for some soothing sounds that make you scratch your head looking at the title of the track? This is it! St. Zita creates some calming soundscapes that will have you relaxed and calmed. It can be described as Chinese classical with beautiful viola to accompany it. It’s striking how moving these tracks are. They really scrub your psyche and open your mind.

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6. Witchpucker – “Penultimate”

Want a quick trip to the dark abyss? Well we’ve got the soundtrack for your journey. Witch Pucker’s dark, haunting and ambient drone tunes will transport you to another world and you may or may not enjoy it. Music can be a lot of things and evoking emotion is key. We’re here to tell you that this one will definitely bring up some interesting thoughts and feelings. It’s short and intriguing, so give it a shot!

7. Jo Rad Silver – “I Pity The Country

Thought-provoking and eclectic, Jo Rad Silver brings us a folktronica track (who knew those could be combined!) and it has some gussied-up guitar, subtle beat, and forward vocals that force you to focus on exactly what he’s saying. It’s haunting and witty, which is the perfect pairing for a song like this. There’s a lot of power behind that subtle vibe.

8. Jake Webb & The Commitments – “Hang Me High

It’s punk, it’s indie, a little bluesy and very much moody. Jake Webb & The Commitments ride a wave of beautifully arranged instrumentation to bring you a gritty yet wholesome album that fits just about any mood. You’ll find a plethora of sounds weaving in and out of each track. There are harmonies, horns, variations of guitar and a thick rhythm section to round it out. It’s worth all the listens.

9. Ladysse – “Eleven

A beautiful little pop song with angelic vocals from the oh-so-talented Ladysse. This pretty little recording is minimalist with soft acoustic, just enough percussion and oh-em-gee that VOICE. You really don’t need much to happen when you have an artist that can serenade you with minimal effort. This track has the roots of your favorite top 40 song, with a twinge of originality that makes it perfectly Detroit.

10. Moonwalks – “Dust Is Magic

Moonwalks should be synonymous with hazy, psychedelic rock magic…because that’s their bread and butter. This track is heavy and maybe just a bit esoteric, but who are we to say? It’s great for all listeners. The guitars are juicy and the vocals bounce around the walls of your brain and you won’t know what way is up. These guys rock hard and we think you’ll appreciate the fullness of their energy and sound.


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Until next time, you darling Detroiters!