Finding the right career is a process. Being able to understand that there is a wide spectrum of careers to choose from can be difficult at a young age. For children as young as 2nd grade, that process begins with playing games.

Richard Bell from the Kids First Initiative and Street Beat host Rob Stone (credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

This week on STREET BEAT, Richard D. Bell from the Kids First Initiative talked about how his organization can help kids from 2nd grade and through college understand and embrace the numerous career pathways available to them.

Ida Byrd-Hill, the founder of Automation Workz 4 U (credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Coming off the excitement and empowerment of seeing Marvel’s new Black Panther movie, Ida Byrd-Hill from Automation Workz 4 U believes Detroit could be a real-life Wakanda: the technological birthplace of the future. The first step is creating diversity and inclusion within Detroit’s tech industry and making people aware of high-paying tech jobs that don’t require a college degree.

Michael Spector, President of Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan (credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

People with challenges to employment have an opportunity to show off their business and creative talents at the Michigan Entrepreneurs Expo. Michael Spector from the Oakland County Business Association expressed the need for inclusion in the industry of entrepreneurship, especially for those with disabilities. Spector talked about how Expo Michigan is a great way to see the products and inventions created by those with disabilities.

Iris Guidry and Patricia Duncan from Dress for Success Michigan (credit: Logan Tesmer/CW50)

Are you dressed for success? Getting women who have faced difficult times into new jobs takes encouragement and empowerment. This goal is shared by Patricia Duncan and Iris Guidry from Dress For Success Michigan. They help women in need get into the workforce by providing work and interview clothes which they otherwise couldn’t afford that make them feel and look good.

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