This winter has been rough, but we’re not letting it get us down. We’ve got new artists for you this week and we’re excited to share! We know a playlist can’t keep you warm at night, but we’re still going to try!

Get cozy and check out who’s featured below:

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1. Woman Believer – “Across The Street

A groovy and eclectic track that is both calming and uplifting at the same time. Woman Believer brings sultry and breathy vocals combined with smooth keys laying over complimenting percussion. The guitar melodies are soft and minimalistic, but beautifully placed to create a rounded-out sound that will make you want to close your eyes and melt into your chair.

2. Rooftop Love Club – “Pocket Change

Well hello, heavy riff guitar! This is blues rock that hits you right in the rebel feels. Everything about it is scrumptious. The vocals are sexy, the guitar rips uber hard and the drum fills are to die for. You don’t need a bass when the groove of these tracks is THIS heavy.

3. The Dropout – “Old Parts, New Beginning

Fun and fearless, The Dropout releases a banger of a track that is heartfelt and dancey with the perfect amount of sax (as always). This track is could easily be danced to, or just enjoyed from the comfort of your couch. It’s complex, intellectual, and just an all-around great release from a very talented guy.

4. Perdy Boys – “Another Birthday

A jazzy, pop fusion treat, Perdy Boys bring an eclectic take on jazz and morph it into an accessible listening experience that’s pleasant to the ears. The vocals are classy with soaring harmonies, and the instrumentation is incredibly unique. You’ll get tasteful percussion, playful keys and a myriad of sounds that blend together creating a dream-like sound.

5. Greet Death – “Valediction

Greet Death is a shoegaze, post-hardcore, alternative band that really gets under your skin with these tracks. The lyrics are compelling, the vocals fit perfectly for the genre and the guitar melodies are to die for. It feels angsty without being pretentious and we appreciate the depth and breadth of each track. It doesn’t all feel the same and we admire that.

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6. Wing Vilma – “Still One

Captivating arrangements interplay with the complexity of natural sound and come to a crescendo throughout each track on this album. Wing Vilma is a mastermind of manipulating gradients of texture, melody, and rhythm. There is so much to explore in each track and it’s a welcomed refresher to the ear. The sounds are grounded and authentic, while being masterfully produced.

7. Colin and The Cougars – “Wish You Were Mine

A tasteful little pop rock album, Colin and The Cougars make music for the summer and it will definitely warm up your day. They weren’t kidding when they described themselves as “sunshine pop” – when you bring a kazoo into the mix, how can you not? All of the instruments in this track are bright and rhythmic, the vocals are fun and the keys just bring a cheerful personality to the mix.

8. Those Hounds – “Ms. Speak of The Devil

Another great fuzz rock album by Those Hounds. This one seems to lay it all out with hammering guitar, solid bass and high-intensity drums. It feels hardcore and dark at times, but the vocals and harmonies keep it on the lighter side.

9. Spyderhuff – “Big Wide World

Are you nostalgic for the 90’s? Well here’s your chance to relive it with Spyderhuff’s country-indie fusion. Everything about these tracks is quirky rock with thick bass lines and the occasional saxophone blaring in the backdrop. There’s folksy guitar, interesting vocals and just an overall curious nature to these tracks.

10. Haute to Death – “Palace of The Mind

A smooth, electric disco-type mix is where you’re headed with this track from Haute to Death. It’s classy, cocktail beats with a glorious touch of horns. This mix has all of the elements, making for a perfect background sound that could step up any cocktail party, art exhibition, or dinner gathering. It’s rhythmic and sensual, just the way we like it. Feel free to vogue your way through this one.


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