Once again, we’re all over the map with this week’s playlist. We’ve got jazz, indie rock, folk, alternative, etc.

We’re always bringing you a variety so you don’t have to choose.

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Take a peek at who’s featured this week!


1. The Reissues – “Lost My Faith

Synthy and anthemic, The Reissues jam it up with “Lost My Faith.” It’s thick power pop with undeniably catchy rhythm and lyricism. The amount of synth in this track is perfect and gives it a unique twist with the solid percussion and tasty guitar solos.

2. Carbon and Soul – “In Retrospect, More Insects

Here’s another synth one for you! Psychedelic and other-worldly Carbon and Soul’s instrumental tracks are rhythmic and spacey with lots of experimentation to keep those ears guessing. It’s mellow and mature, which creates a palpable soundscape that will lure you right in.

3. Young Floods – “What Are You Drinking Now?

This EP is a quick-witted indie rock number with delightfully twangy guitar and banjo (which is our favorite). It’s fast-paced and bright, giving you a light-hearted sensation. It’s unique and youthful with great harmonies and a chorus you can’t help but sing along to.

4. Personal Issue – “Nine of Diamonds

Melodic guitar and swooning vocals will wrap you up with this track. It’s a great, thought-provoking indie number and we appreciate the feels we get from those soaring guitar solos; they really tug at your heartstrings. It’s got a haunting vibe and really puts you in a melancholy kind of mood.

5. JMSN – “Always Somethin’

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Soulful pop with delicious vocals and a unique arrangement of instruments that feels like experimental R&B. The organ in this song is a fantastic touch and gives it an old-school feel. It’s smooth, enticing, and will have you swaying your hips in no time.

6. Heartbreak Dallas and The Unfaithfuls – “Alaska

A fun spin on folk with a bit of a drinking-song feel, like you’re listening to a live band in a back-alley bar. It has slight hints towards punk, but it could be in a genre all its own. The guitars, tambourine, and banjo make this a fun listen that will lift your spirits.

7. The Doozers – “D Major Teenager

This track is high-energy with fanatic guitar and drums that feels hyper and youthful. It bounces between light and heavy with the sound of your favorite mid-2000’s pop rock band. The guitar is the show-stopper in this song and definitely worth a listen.

8. Sam Van Wagoner – “Mama Told Me

We can’t help but get excited when we hear some horns added to a track. It’s bluesy and soulful with a seductive tone. The backup singers are fantastic and the fast-paced guitar is super groovy. The vocals are phenomenal and we can’t help but get jazzed-up listening to this one.

9. Neal Anderson Quintet – “Endings

This may be a bit of an older track, but this jazz group is one to revisit over and over again. If you’re looking for an instrumental album that will really get you in the feels with its beautiful arrangement and heart-melting trumpet, then this is the album for you. Everything about it is well-done and beautiful to the ears.

10. Birdhouse – “Pretty Boys

Sinister alternative rock with fuzzy guitar and thick bass is what you’re going to get with this one. It has a subtle bluesy feel, which is an interesting combo. It’s dark and heavy, but the vocals and harmonies balance it out, making for a more indie vibe that is quite pleasant.


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Check back next week for another playlist! Let us know who you would like to hear in the comments!