Are you bored of your current music selection? Looking to branch out and explore what’s really out there in Detroit? Well we’ve got it all right here with this week’s playlist. It’s a perfect concoction of genres with a little something for everyone.

Find your new favorite Detroit artist below!

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1. The Honey Pot – “Big Man Little China

Fuzzy, garage rock with a taste of psychedelic groove, The Honey Pot is a talented jam band that paints deep soundscapes with their instruments. Articulated drums, deep bass, and unique guitar melodies draw you into another world and create a perfectly pleasant listening experience.


2. Avant-Surf – “Supersonic

Looking for some upbeat, lo-fi jams to bob along to? Well here it is! Avant-Surf has a fun and surfy track that will make you want to dance the night away. Its got twangy guitar, crisp drums and thick bass that bring the track to life. The lack of vocals makes this a great one to pick apart and focus on all of the tasty details.


3. Born Ruffians – “Miss You

Going back to their roots, Born Ruffians are our brothers to the north and they are really bringing the heat with this new single. As part of their upcoming album, Born Ruffians have focused more on making music that sounds and feels good, rather than what’s expected. This track is an anthemic, acoustic pop-rock number that’s catchy and mood-lifting. It’s got that rough-around-the-edges kind of feel, but of course it’s a perfectly manicured track. So check it out! (We know these guys aren’t Detroiters, but they are teaming up with Detroit’s Handgrenades for a show at The Loving Touch this Spring!)


4. Man Mountain – “Memory Trace

Ambient and a little mischievous, Man Mountains single “Memory Trace” is an instrumental, cinematic, space rock delight. It has so much personality and gives the listener a chance to create their own story behind the music. We wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up in a movie at some point.  


5. Jean Grae & Quelle Chris – “Ohsh (ft. Hannibal Buress)

A political statement? A manifesto? A social experiment? Who’s to say what this album is going to contain, but we know by this recently released single that it’s not going to be sensitive and it’s definitely not going to paint a pretty picture of today’s social and political climate. Chris and Grae are reaching for meaning in this new release and aren’t sugar coating it. It’s well-done poetry, thoughtful tongue-in-cheek hip-hop that is worth a million listens when the new album drops in March.


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6. Get Tall – “Thrash Bandicoot

Hyperactive, bubblegum grunge rock with sprinkles of fuzz pop and punk is what you’ll get from Get Tall’s recent release A Little Less Bored. It’s a fun and lighthearted listen with powerful instrumentation and let’s just say it’s far from boring. It’s fast-paced and intoxicating with ripping guitar and relentless percussion. You’ll love their energy, we guarantee it.


7. Dept. of Compassion – “Peaceful Way

Simplistic and peaceful, Dept. Of Compassion is an acoustic, singer-songwriter experience with beautiful vocals and serenading guitar melodies. It’s unobtrusive, patient, and relaxing in its essence. We admire the minimalist trend displayed here and recommend you get yourself a corner seat in a coffee shop for this one.


8. Kenpachi Shinobi – “And On That Note

Capturing the artist life in a myriad of ways, Kenpachi Shinobi paints a picture of his experiences and his thoughts with well-crafted tracks ranging from complex synth and beats, to his vocals and some keys. The lyricism is thought-provoking and relatable, the rhymes seem to come with little effort and it’s quite the hip-hop experience.


9. White Shag – “Midnight Cry

No frill rock n’ roll? Yeah, they’ve got it. White Shag is a female-fronted powerhouse with guitar that will melt your face off, bass that will shake your rib cage and drums that wrap it all up in a grungy, hard rock package. You’ll want to headbang, blast it at full volume, and maybe even hit a mosh pit at their next show.


10. Suburban Medicine – “Get Your Head Down

Ready for some intense double kick-drum and even more intense guitars? Welcome to the epitome of post-punk! Suburban Medicine thrash pretty darn hard with this album and the lyricism is dark and ominous, but emotionally accessible, because we’ve all been angsty at one point in our lives, right? The execution on these tracks is impeccable and we’ll say a little prayer for their vocal chords, because they know how to bring it full-throttle and we appreciate that.


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We’re always open to recommendations, so comment below with your favorite Detroit artist!