This week on Street Beat, host Amyre Makupson learns about the different organizations helping those who have been impacted by crime and violence.

Kennetria Sutton (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

First, Esther’s Sister Circle helps woman and children who need to transform their lives.  Founder Kenneatria Sutton shares the details.

Dr. Tolulope Sonuyi & Ray Winans (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

Then, the new violence intervention program DLIVE is explained by Dr. Tolulope Sonuyi, the Director for DLIVE on behalf of City Connect Detroit, and Ray Winans, violence intervention specialist with DLIVE.

Shakenya Wardlaw & Malik Bellefant (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

Next, Program Director Shakenya Wardlaw, and Malik Bellefant, the Executive Director of Man Power Mentoring, explain how their mentoring program helps those who have had brushes with the law.

Laura Blankenship (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

Finally, Laura Blankenship, the Director of Community Relations for the Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, shares the latest information on computer scams.


  1. Meghan says:

    Great interview with Laura Blankenship! Thanks for the tips!

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