Add some new tunes to your music rotation with this week’s playlist! We’ve got some great indie rock artists and a few others mixed in for good measure.

Listen below!

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1. Wonderbox – “You’re No Killer (Demo)

Electronic and soulful, Wonderbox’s demo is a euphoric, experimental track with angelic vocals. The feel of this song is a little psychedelic, a little R&B, and a whole lot of intoxicating.

2. You Rest, You Joy Life – “Lowe Impasse

Post-hardcore with anthemic vocals, this single release is a great sample of what’s to come. The guitar work is top-notch with killer, energetic solos. The lyricism is catchy and you’ll be singing along in no time at all.

3. Olivia Millerschin – “Tree

Try to not let this track break your heart. Millerschin’s voice will pierce your soul and you won’t be able to stop listening. This track is epically beautiful and with soaring strings and delicate percussion. It’s a carefully crafted singer/songwriter masterpiece that will bring you to tears.

4. Ahmi – “Cloud Harvester

Experimental and instrumental-heavy, Ahmi’s discography is an experience in itself. The tracks are brief, yet rewarding and there are plenty to go around!

5. Brother Elsey – “Wildfire

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This track is a beautiful, simplistic acoustic number with wholesome lyricism and moving vocals. It has a deep emotion to it that’s incredibly moving and the guitar work does not disappoint.

6. The Fruits – “Detroit Staycation

Groovy and jazzy, The Fruits recording with The Ferndale Set is pleasant and relaxing. The guitar work is exceptionally done and the vocals are confident. It’s playful, soulful and just an all around enjoyable song.

7. Man Eating Lion – “Black Dogma

Looking for some intense, rock n’ roll? Look no further! Man Eating Lion is a guitar-heavy, hard rock band that will knock your socks off with their anthemic vocals and ruthless double-kick drum percussion. Check out their music video for a little bit of a laugh.

8. Visions – “North Star

Psychedelic and old-school, Visions is a synthy, fuzz-pop group with a single that will make you want to groove it up. The bass is exceptionally thick and the melody is uber catchy.

9. Dr. Wolf – “Word To The Wise

We’re excited to see what’s in the works for Dr. Wolf. This instrumental, no-frills track is a great showcase of their acoustic talents. Who knows what will come next?!

10. My Girlfriend Beru – “Dance With Me

A pop punk number, My Girlfriend Beru creates fast-paced, guitar-laden tracks with enticing melodies and sing-along vocals. This track has a very summery vibe and will hopefully make it to your summertime jams when the weather heats up.

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