This week on Street Beat, host Rob Stone looks at mental health issues.

Dr. Gina Lynem (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

First Dr. Gina Lynem explains Seasonal Affective Disorder, the signs of mental illness, and when to seek counseling.

Heather Rae (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

Then, Heather Rae, the President and CEO of Common Ground, explains how this agency helps those in a crisis situation.

Dennis Liegghio (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

Next, the founder of Know Resolve, Dennis Liegghio, talks about the issues of teen suicide.

Rabia Latif (credit: Juwan Outlaw/CW50)

Finally, the multi-cultural counseling center iAmerica is introduced by its Director, Rabia Latif.


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