We’ve got a great mix of artists in the lineup this week and we’re excited to share them with you!

Check ’em out below!

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1. Mooses – “Fusebox

These guys deliver a nice alternative rock jam with strong melody and groove. There’s more than meets the ear with Mooses. They incorporate a jamboree of sounds and create an epic experience that feels larger than life and often times a bit jazzy. The keys give a softer touch to a somewhat heavy rock ensemble.

2. Jack Oats – “Seeing It Wrong

Energetic indie acoustic rock with pleasant harmonies and a rustic, woodsy feel. Jack Oats creates a full-band sound with a careful collection of instruments, looping, and talent. His songs range from folky, heartbreakers to sing-song hooks that grip you.

3. Johnny Headband – “In Between

You’re going to love this electric, funk-pop group, we promise. The synth is heavy, the vocals are sexy, the chorus is catchy and everything about these tracks makes us want to dance. This band drips with class and renegade groove.

4. Cree Sullivan – “Lately”

A subtle alternative rock album that has heart, Cree Sullivan’s EP is a great introduction to his eclectic style and musical taste. It feels like a small, intimate snippet of his life with twangy, soulful guitar to lay the foundation. It’s simplistic, but explodes with personality.

5. HALA – “Love Grows

Swooning and vintage, HALA’s single is a tasteful mix of surf and psychedelic with mixtures of old school pop rock and folk. You may feel like you’re floating around in a lava lamp, but we promise that’s a natural reaction.

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6. Dogleg – “Crimes

Looking for some dancy, punky, rock n’ roll? Well here it is! Dogleg is a quick-witted group with catchy tracks that will have you raging and swaying at the same time. Their songs are melodic, emotional and just plain good.

7. Apropos – “Acumen

R&B fusion with groovy soul, Apropos is classy and dapper, making sexy tunes that will have you moving your body in no time. The production is crisp and smooth with beautiful harmonies and a jazzy, well-crafted instrumentation. You don’t want to miss these dreamy vocals, trust us.

8. Dadjoke – “Greasy Midnight

Looking to get your face ripped off? Well, here’s your chance. Dadjoke doesn’t mess around with the intense melodies and unwavering drums that will nearly shake you to your core. There’s nothing delicate or moody about these tracks. Just straight up hardcore rock that will most likely blow out your eardrums.

9. Billow Observatory – “Plains

Here’s an ambient track that will leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated. Billow Observatory showcases beautiful soundscapes with simplistic tones and earthy rhythms that will relax you. The tracks build ever-so-slowly and remind us all to take our time and enjoy the moment. Highly recommended for a meditation session or when you’re trying to fall asleep.

10. The Free Bleeders – “Sorry Not Sorry

First of all, the band name is fantastic. Second of all, who doesn’t like punk rock by women empowering other women? It’s great and not to mention creative and witty. These chicks rock out on this quick album and it’s worth every minute.


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