The cast of CW’s newest comic book series, BLACK LIGHTNING, looks to bring a slightly different focus on the latest series.

Cress Williams, who plays Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero, Black Lightning, is forced out of retirement after a spike in crime in his community. Pierce (aka, Black Lightning) balances his complicated life as school principal by day, and vigilante by night. Williams is just excited to be apart of this exciting new adventure. He said, “I’m responsible to create and breath life into a three-dimensional character, and I get overwhelmed with the gratitude that I’m part of this.

The show takes real-life issues trying to show how everyone has the same issues no matter what ethnicity you are, Christine Adams who plays Jefferson’s ex-wife says, “Our show is a black show and talks about black issues, but it transcends there, and it can reach beyond the issues and show how everyone is the same.”

China Anne McClain hopes to be a role model for other young women watching. She plays Jefferson’s youngest daughter, Jennifer Pierce. McClain says, “I love playing big strong female characters because there aren’t too many girls that other girls can look up to and say, that’s me, I want to be her for Halloween, It’s an honor for me!”

Nafessa Willaims plays Anissa Pierce (aka Thunder), Jefferson’s oldest daughter in the CW series. Williams says, “It’s liberating to play a lesbian superhero, I’m just excited for young black lesbians to tune in and see themselves featured on television.

The cast also stars James Remar as Peter Gambi, Jefferson’s oldest friend and former Detroiter and Michigan grad, Damon Gupton, who plays Inspector Henderson on the series.

Watch BLACK LIGHTNING, Tuesday at 9pm on CW50.


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