A new year calls for a brand, spankin’ new playlist! This week, we have a little old mixed with the new, and we think you’re going to like it!


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Take a peek below to find your new favorite artists of 2018!


1. Ryan Parmenter – “Capitalism

This art rock album is colorful and emotive with caricature vocals, thick anthem rock guitars and a multitude of themes throughout. It’s a unique listening experience that has definite settings and paints a perfect picture of what they’re trying to grapple with in the tracks.


2. Tangle of Roses – “Most of My Time

Tangle of Roses brings you a tangle of sound with quirky guitar chords, vocals and lyrics. It’s authentic and simplistic, but kind of emotional and adorable at the same time. We can dig it, especially since it reminds us of summer.

3. Gray/Bliss – “Perennial Digression

Spacey and full of synth, Gray/Bliss captures our attention again with a low-key album filled with shorties but goodies! Their sound is nostalgic of those psychedelic, 70’s times with indie flair that makes them modern and very appealing.

4. Scarlet Lies – “Glass House

Powerful female vocals with riveting lyricism and exciting instrumentation. Scarlet Lies lights up their sound with thick and deep bass, heart-stopping guitar solos and compelling drums that propel everything forward at the speed of straight up rock n’ roll voraciousness.

5. Space Skull – “Something About Time and Space

Lumbering and folky, Space Skull is an alternative rock group that puts haunting vocals and rustic, acoustic guitar together to create this spacey, folk-style compilation that is engaging and unique to the ear.

6. Mister – “I’m Not The One

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The always talented wordsmith, Mister released a single not too long ago that showcases a groovy, yet dark set of beats and a carefully manicured mixture of samples. The track takes its time to let the profoundness of the words sink in and is a great sample of what to expect in the near future.


7. Mark Whalen – “Complications

A great reminder of what summer feels like, Whalen has a groovy and surfy album that feels carefree and upbeat. It’s got some nasty guitar licks and some pretty jive-worthy beats that will leave you begging for sunshine.


8. Curtis Roach – “Anxietea [prod. ntourage]

Complex and intellectual, Curtis Roach brings the rhymes to the forefront with this release. The number of collaborations is staggering and the lyricism is perfectly manicured and personal. Each track has a unique theme and sound, but each one has a beautiful, bossa nova backdrop that feels mature and classy.


9. Slumber Party – “Madeupmind

If you remember the early to mid-2000’s, you may remember an all-female band in Detroit called Slumber Party. These gals know how to write a hit and with their well-crafted harmonies and alternative sound, and they are a breath of fresh air in the often male-dominated music scene.


10. Red Stone Souls – “27 Moons

If heavy-duty rock n’ roll is your game, then we’ve got a real treat for you with this track by Red Stone Souls. It’s hard, it’s retro and it’s everything you could want in sick guitar runs and nasty bass lines. If you’re feeling rough around the edges, then this is the band for you.


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Check back with us for more local music! We’re always open to suggestions, so hit us up on social media or comment below!