The holidays are over, but don’t let those post-holiday blues get you down! We’ve got some new music on the playlist this week to cheer you right up and keep those good vibes rolling all the way into the new year!


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Take a peek below for some new sounds that may find their way onto your New Year’s Eve playlist!


1. The Philter – “I Don’t Think So

Accelerated and drippy surf-wave, The Philter captures two genres and illuminates the best qualities of each. Their punky vibes run rampant through these tracks and add a nice edginess that rides side-by-side with the wet guitars, thick bass and fast-paced percussion. It’s surf as you’ve never heard before and it’s amazeballs.


2. LeLe XO – “All I See is Blue

LeLe XO is on the cusp of a release in March of 2018 and it’s a real banger. Her sultry vocals are meshed with alternative R&B and pop. It’s groovy, smooth, and on-point with what the scene needs right now. There are unique melodies and hooky choruses that we can’t wait to explore once her album drops.


3. Zelda and The Unibrows – “Pluffart (Live To The Netherlands)

A quirky and beautiful arrangement with strings, xylophone and all kinds of wind instruments, this track is something pleasurable and adventurous. Zelda and The Unibrows obviously enjoy taking things a step further and seem to play with sounds and texture. It’s such a sweet and sophisticated track that we couldn’t help but pick this one for the playlist.


4. The Brown Thrasher – “It’s Worse When I’m Alone

Looking for some throwback tunes? Look no further. The Brown Thrasher is your gateway to some of the most nostalgic, 70’s jams and they do it oh, so well. The instrumentation is subtle and upbeat with lots of low-key guitar, tambourine, and shakers. This album will just make you wish for those simpler times, when music was in its prime.


5. Soft Touch – “Better Now

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The polarization between light and dark on these tracks is mesmerizing. The genre creeps between new wave, industrial and a synthy pop. The sound is relatively gothic and the themes also fall into that darker realm. However, there is a lightness with the synth gracefully channeling a cosmic sound that wraps the entire track in an explosively bright shell.


6. Anna Burch – “Tea-Soaked Letter

Perfectly described as “bummer pop,” Anna Burch is hitting the scene with a well-realized indie pop album that contains dreamy guitar numbers, unique vocals, and uber-catchy lyricism. It’s a jam-worthy and punchy release that feels vulnerable and exploratory. You can feel the fresh, new breath that Burch has taken releasing her solo material and it’s exquisite.


7. The Pontiac Stags – “Overtime

Gritty and powerful, this punkish garage band is all you’ll need if you’re looking for something a little rough around the edges (in the best way). It’s obvious these guys enjoy making music together and you can hear their passion pouring out of their reverb-laden guitars. Their music is a little bit alternative, a little bit rock, a little bit punk. What more could you want? There’s something here for everyone and their lo-fi delivery is top notch.


8. Greg Blucher Band – “No End

Acoustic jams that are easy on the ears, but still punk as ever. Greg Blucher Band is soft core and perfectly revitalizing with their intentional acoustic riffs and perfectly toned percussion that doesn’t drown out the uniqueness of their band dynamic. It’s upbeat, pop punk with thoughtful lyricism that mimics singer/songwriter, but holds its own in the grunge category.


9. Aim Lower – “Popsicles and Leather Jackets

Post punk rock with a more emotional side. Aim Lower will rope you in with their rich melodies, rhythmic beats and sing-along choruses. They know how to arrange their songs in a way that will have you jumping, singing, and maybe even screaming along. It’s epic, it’s anthemic and you have to hear the rest of their new release coming this January.

10. Sincerely – “Aware Wolf

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These guys take groovy, instrumental math-pop to a totally different level (is that even possible?). The amount of instrumentation and thought that went into this album is astounding and immensely pleasant. The guitars practically float above your head in a consuming cloud of rhythm and melody. The drums have a mind of their own, yet everything has its place and it’s the most organized, beautiful calamity you’ll ever experience.