We can hardly get over all this new music! We know you’re just as excited as we are, so we won’t keep it from you any longer…


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This week’s playlist is bursting at the seams with newly released tunes, check ’em out below!


1. Desires – “Beezle

Something along the lines of spoken-word mixed with alternative rock, Desires releases a unique spin on hip-hop technique. The lyricism is potent, the instrumentation is solid and it’s probably nothing like anything you’ve heard before.

2. Rowan Niemisto – “Without Trying

Inspired by old school R&B, jazz, and soul, Niemisto smoothes the edges with this electronic jam that’s intoxicating and catchy. His vocals are heartfelt and sultry, while the lyricism is thoughtful. The list of songs may be minimal, but each track takes it to the max and are crafted to perfection.

3. Craig Garwood – “Rose Water

Lo-fi, indie folk, and simplistic. Garwood’s recent collection of songs are raw and inspiring with nostalgic and grungy acoustic guitar, laid-back vocals and subtle drums that give the tracks a dingy, garage rock feel.

4. Harvey Mandel – “Capurange

Throwing it WAY back with this Detroit legend. Harvey Mandel is a well-known guitar master, playing with bands like Canned Heat, The Rolling Stones, and artist Charlie Musselwhite. A recent release of a 1970’s masterpiece caught our attention and we couldn’t help but share. If you’re interested in some straight up 70’s rock n’ roll to take you back in time, then this album is for you.

5. The Wanderlust Club – “Only One I Will See

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Sexy, groovy and jazzy, The Wanderlust Club puts down some stupendous tracks that will have you grabbing your sweetie and hitting the dance floor. Harmonious rhythms with elevating organ and piano, deep bass and impressive vocal progressions whisk you away to a disco-esque nirvana and you won’t ever want to return to reality.

6. Golden Torso – “Gender Fluids

These guys go full force into a headbanging, screaming, senseless riot with this recent release. It’s thick with muddy guitar, intense vocals, and just a lot of amped-up noise rock. They do it in a way that’s easily digested, but still heavy as all hell.

7. Rachel In The Bible – “Sacrifice

Taking a complete 180 from the previous artist, Rachel In The Bible is a light, beautiful listen with enticing vocals, melodic guitar and descriptive lyricism. The home recording gives it a nice warm, intimate feel and provides a cozy listening experience.

8. Wakefire – “Start Wearing Purple

Talk about your good ole’ folk shenanigans. Wakefire brings you celtic, folky tunes that will have you dancing no matter where you are. You’ll feel like you’re in a crowded irish pub with a pint in your hand and a skip in your step. Wholesome and infectious, you can’t deny this genre isn’t downright fun.

9. Goldzilla – “Stay Limber

This recently released full-length is a long time in the making and we’re so happy it’s finally here! Goldzilla has a smooth and suave delivery with rhythmic, soulful beats capturing all of the luscious Detroit Motown. He’s hardly confined by one style of hip-hop though, there’s thick and heavy rap combine with smooth, jazzy numbers that show off his malleability and unique style.

10. Zander Michigan – “Born Again

Folk entrepreneur, Zander Michigan captures our hearts once again with these swoon-worthy and heartfelt tracks off of his fourth release,  Kitchen Sink #1. The songs feature twinkling piano ballads, infectious claps and stomps, and lots of rhythmic guitar. His voice is sultry and earnest, which makes for quite the convincing love song. Nice work!

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Come back soon for more Detroit music! We’re always looking for the next best thing!