There’s never a dull moment here in Detroit when it comes to local music. Check out some of the artists that have been playing in our area and make sure to catch their next shows!

1. Jibs Brown & The Jambros- “(You’d Be) Coming Home

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Sultry and smooth, Jibs Brown brings the soul and folk with this recent single. You can’t beat the guy’s vocals, which are raw and emotional. The Jambros make for a lovely listening experience with bluesy rhythms and down-right nasty guitar riffs.

Catch them at The Loving Touch on Thursday, Dec. 7th

2. Vazum – “Fall Guy

Dark and droning, Vazum is the unique project by the always talented Zach Pliska, who manages to have his hand in multiple bands at once. This solo endeavor is thick with fuzzy guitar and clashing percussion. It has an ominous industrial, goth feel that’s perfect for those moodier occasions.

3. The Analog Lights – “Excommunicated

Grungy and electronic, The Analog Lights are back with a new EP to follow. This single is a vocal-heavy arrangement with lots of delicious synth and dark tones that will put you in a hyped-up, angsty kind of mood.

Catch him at Hamtramck Korner Bar on Saturday, Dec. 30th

4. The Zannies – “Espejos

If you missed these guys this past weekend in Detroit, fear not. We’ve got you covered this week. The Zannies are a bluesy, rock n’ roll group that put the “fun” back in funky. They cover many ends of the rock spectrum, from alternative to punk and everything in between.

Check them out at Rocky’s Bar and Grill on Thursday, Jan 11th

5. Midnight Gold – “Not For Me

This band has got you covered on the rock nostalgia. Guitars rip through this track with upbeat vocals and super catchy lyricism that will get stuck in your head long after you’re through listening. This track is fast-paced and exciting, so hold onto your hats when you hit play.

Catch them at New Dodge Lounge on Friday, Dec. 1st

6. Notes & Leaves – “World’s On Fire

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This trippy track is a recent one from Notes & Leaves who like to keep their tunes rhythmic and psychedelic with tons of complex guitar riffs and swooning vocals. They add lots of personality into their songs, so don’t just stop at one. Listen to them all!

Catch them with Midnight Gold at New Dodge Lounge on Friday, Dec. 1st

7. Gifts or Creatures – “Trapping or Trading

You’ll never look at the Great Lakes state the same again after listening to this recent release by Gifts or Creatures. This husband-wife duo evoke all the sultry, folky feels with their beautiful harmonies and soft-spoken instrumentation. These tracks will definitely take your breath away with their captivating and historic lyricism, relaxing Americana vibes, and perfectly manicured production.

Check them out at the Ferndale Area District Library on Friday, Dec 1st

8. BAVE – “Frank, Eh?

Looking for some crazy instrumental jams coupled with a plethora of kick drum? Well we’ve got it right here. BAVE released an intense EP with some of the most quick-fingered guitar we’ve heard, mashed with straight-up crazy drum beats and bass runs. You may not know what’s going on once you’ve finished these tracks, but that’s the point, right?

Check them out at PJ’s Lager House on Friday, Dec. 8th

9. The Pandy’s – “Dwell

Dark and emotional, The Pandy’s create a beautiful storm of sound with their album Bar. It’s intensely euphoric, with expansive guitar chords and a complimenting rhythm section that wraps it all up in a perfect indie punk package. These guys can rip your face off one minute, and then rip your heart out the next.

Check them out at PJ’s Lager House on Friday, Dec. 8th

10. Craig Brown Band – “I Wondered What

Craig Brown Band’s recent single is a catchy and fun-loving track with twangy guitar and Brown’s unique vocals that always sounds casual and laidback. It’s a great country jam that gives a whole new vibe to honky-tonk. The harmonies soften the edges and the guitar riffs keep it nasty. A great track by a great band.

Check them out once they’re back from touring after Friday, 12/1

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Check back next week for more of your favorite Detroit artists!