This week’s playlist is brought to you by the oh-so-talented, Katelynn Corll! She is the Jane of all trades, from writing and singing her own music, to playing drums and guitar in a slew of bands around Detroit. You’ve probably seen her around the area playing her heart out and hustling like a pro.

We’re honored to bring you her take on the local music scene and have her talk about some of her favorite artists!

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See what Katelynn had to say below!


1. Avalon Black – “Worth and Worthless

This song is heavy, energetic, and captures the essence of pure rock and roll. “Worth and Worthless” is the first song of Avalon Black’s self-titled EP, and definitely grabbed my attention when I first heard it. But the powerful drum and bass intro isn’t the only thing I love about this song. The guitar is catchy, and Jordan’s amazing vocal range is like icing on the cake. Avalon Black, like the rest of the list of artists and bands I have included in my playlist, are some of the most genuine and talented people in the Michigan music scene today. If you’re in the mood for some jams in the vein of Rival Sons or Red Fang, this Flint-based band is one you have to check out.

2. The Lows – “Road Trippin’

Angelo Cappola’s project The Lows is going places, that’s for sure. Like Avalon Black, this project is heavy and loaded with awesome grooves. What I love so much about Angelo’s songs is the uniqueness his voice brings to the table. You can hear the grittiness of Axl Rose mixed with power and tone similar to Chris Cornell, along with his own personal flair. I’ve known Angelo for years, and it’s been really awesome seeing his musical journey up to this point. I have heard about this project for several months and was given a physical copy of the album about a week ago. All of the songs are incredible, but “Road Trippin’” is definitely my favorite track.

3. Stories Untold – “Hostage

I heard this song live before it was put on the re-release of their album, Can’t Go Home. “Hostage” is packed with emotion and desperation, so much so that you almost feel like you’re living the life of the character in the song. Stories Untold poured their heart out into this song live, and was definitely, to me, the most memorable song of the set that night. I also love the drum parts and fills that Brennen Moloney incorporates into their songs; it adds even more color and creativity to what’s already a unique project. These guys are currently on their first tour, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for them.

4. If Walls Could Talk – “Nighttime

If Walls Could Talk puts on some of the most fun live shows I’ve ever seen in the Michigan local scene, which is where I heard this song for the first time. They’re heavily influenced by bands like Coldplay, which shows in the modern/pop songs they write. “Nighttime” is their closing song for shows and it fits because of the immense amount of energy and super strong vocal harmonies makes for a powerful way to end. While the recording of “Nighttime” is killer, I highly recommend catching a live show of theirs in the near future. You’ll be glad you did.

5. The Gasoline Gypsies – “Salem (Live)

These guys are funky as heck, and some of the most genuine people out there. They released an album not too long ago, and have been crushing it in the music scene right now. When you listen to “Salem (Live),” it’s hard to believe it’s a live recording because it’s so crisp and incredibly well performed. But that’s the amazing thing about the Gasoline Gypsies – they never miss a beat and give 150% to every performance. They have tasteful jams, guitar harmonies, and vocal harmonies left and right that leave me in awe whenever I listen to their songs or see them live. For the readers who dig the blues, this band is one you should look into.

6. Mike Leslie Band – “Punkberry

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“Punkberry” is the newest song Mike has released, but has always been one of my favorites live. It screams fun and a good time, but in a classic rock kind of way. Wolf, the bassist, along with drummer Bryan Reilly are essential to the sound that is the Mike Leslie Band. I had been a big fan of Mike for a long time before we met a few years ago, but actually informally met backstage at DTE during the Foo Fighters show two years ago before shaking hands in Ferndale one year later. I love this band a lot, and love the members who are a part of it even more.

7. No Resolve – “Prelude” / “What You Wanted

This band is on the top of my bucket list to see live. I have been a big fan of their music for quite some time now, and met them during the Detroit Music Awards back in May of this year. All I can say is wow, what a wonderful group of human beings. They released their album Unity a few months prior, and “What You Wanted” was the track that really stuck with me. I included “Prelude” to the playlist as well, because it serves as an introduction to “What You Wanted,” and I feel like the song isn’t complete without the intro. They both compliment each other very well. To this day, I listen to Unity at least once a week.

8. Frank Patrick James – “Hey Gone

Frank and I shared the stage together the same day we met. He has such a wonderful personality and his songwriting is spectacular. “Hey Gone” was released about a month ago, and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. It’s such a delicate song with just the right amount of lead guitar to give it some extra volume. What I love most about this song is how well the guitar and vocals compliment each other, and how the drums and bass add so much to it without burying the melody or lyrics at all. I have a lot of respect for that.

9. Autumn Kings – “Illusion

I will confess that Autumn Kings is a Canadian band, but close enough, right? I met these guys when we shared the stage at a show in Westland, MI. They are some of the nicest people and when they started playing their set, I was hooked. Towards the end of the night, we swapped CDs and I’ve been a fan ever since. “Illusion” is a song from their newest album, Silver Screens, that I heard first from a post on social media they had made to promote the music video that made for it. It’s such an energetic and catchy song, and is my favorite song they’ve released so far. Even though they’re from Canada, I wanted to add them to this playlist because they perform a lot in the Detroit area, and are definitely an up and coming band that everyone should keep an eye out for.

10. The Messenger Birds – “The Good Years

I originally met Parker and Chris when we were both in the lineup for DETxDET two years ago. For a while, I had only ever seen their cover sets for shows like DETxDET and Creepy Cheapy. I was so interested in hearing their original material because they were such a tight duo. I first heard “The Good Years” thanks to social media. They were promoting their music video for this song by posting little clips and pictures from the video, and I thought it was amazing. They have a sound similar to White Stripes and Royal Blood. I’ve always thought it was so awesome that they’re a duo, and that they make it work. That’s such a hard thing to do, and really shows how awesome and talented they are.


Can’t get enough of Katelynn?

Well, she’ll be playing a phenomenal show at 20 Front Street in Lake Orion this Friday, November 10th at 7PM. Tickets are $15 and you can pre-order your tickets here! Trust us, this is one show you won’t want to miss – the intimacy of 20 Front Street, plus Katelynn Corll and guest artist Callison Nash? It’s a match made in music heaven.


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