We’ve been having a field day with all of these new releases for fall. There’s nothing better than experiencing new music while you stave off those inevitable winter blues.

If you’re feeling a little chilly, we’ve got hot music to warm you up.

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Check it out!


1. Davenport Rex – “This Old House

Coming off their second release, Davenport Rex is a surreal sounding rock number with serenading guitar and vibrant vocals. Reminiscent of 90’s alternative indie rock, it’s nostalgic and theatrical, which will put a sly smile on your face.

2. Steven Haslinger – “Growing

Emotional, instrumental, and full of layered guitar. These tracks on Haslinger’s album, Mary Stone Belle, seem to tell a story that is adaptable and familiar. It’s soothing to listen to the laid back style, while still being mesmerized by the instrumentation.

3. Glenn Tucker – “Space In Motion

Looking for a little jazz to fancy up your day? Check out Glenn Tucker. It’s toe-tapping, head-bobbing beauty. The piano is bright with lots of personality, while the bass and drums keep the rhythm smooth and effortless. It’s such a fun album to traverse.

4. Jeni Calhoun – “War Room

Strong and feminine. Jeni Calhoun draws from her life and her roots to lay thick tracks filled to the brim with intellectual lyricism and thoughtful commentary. It’s a mash of hip-hop and spoken word with lots of grit and pride to boot.

5. Rosemont – “Burn

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Melancholy and dripping wet with luscious guitar, Rosemont’s release Complacent Resolve is a short, but sweet album that digs deep and revives an acoustic, post-hardcore vibe. The vocals are strong and emotional, creating a deep sound that counters the beautiful simplicity.

6. Young Hunger – “Holes In Your Tongue

Young Hunger brings us a tasteful, punk rock release featuring mature themes about life. It feels like a fresh start and a newly rekindled spirit for the hopeful. The tracks are larger than life and filled to the brim with poetic lyricism and lively guitar.

7. Ohly – “Green

Wholesome and tender, Ohly’s EP is a beautiful love album with subtle auxillary percussion, sweet harmonies and calming guitar melodies. The lyricism lightly floats over the instrumentation and feels like a warm fire on a winter’s night. It’s elaborate at times with quiet moments resembling rolling soft hills of a meadow.

8. Zach Curd – “Big Ben

Bright and floating, Curd takes you on a dreamscape of pop rock with his Prudence. It might remind you of some of the top hits of the 60’s and 70’s, but there’s a little more to these tracks. The piano is vivacious, the percussion is jolly and the vocals are so catchy you won’t be able to get this album out of your head.

9. VSTRS – “Brilliant Violence

Psychedelic and thick, VSTRS create a deep sound with echoing vocals and high-voltage guitar. Their sound is percussion-focused with a deep, rhythmic bass portions that sound sinister and moody. It’s one of their best releases and will pull you into another dimension of alternative rock.

10. Grant Kendricks – “Emotion.

Switching gears, you’ll find Grant Kendricks’ first EP release that reflects the R&B, pop sound that’s so popular right now. It has its own feel with groovy synth and soulful vocals. It’s super catchy and really utilizes styles from electronic and hip-hop genres. We also need to mention that his voice is like butter, enough said.


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