Here’s another playlist this week that focuses on the new music coming out of Detroit!

Take a peek below and tell us your favorites!

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1. Will Sessions – “Work It

If you’re looking for some old school Motown jams, then Will Sessions should be your first choice. They know how to incorporate modern vibes to this throwback groove. It’s infectious with big band horns, jazzy drums, and slick guitar.


2. Waajeed – “Through It All

Waajeed’s tracks are classy house that take you on a chic journey of sound. The layers of synth, keys, and bass make this an innovative listen that you could easily dance to, or enjoy casually as you sip on an expensive cocktail. Waajeed is bringing suave and style back to house music.


3. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – “See You In The Mourning

This track has a nice slow build that lures you in to see where it goes. The echoing neo-psychedelia is hypnotizing and pleasant to the ears as the vocals break in and out of the rhythmic bass and surfy guitar. It’s like falling back into a plush pillow filled with grooviness.


4. WOMB – “Deadname

There’s nowhere to hide when listening to “Deadname” by WOMB. They get in your face, they call you out and they’re not afraid to be rough and rowdy. The drums are chaotic, the vocals wail, and the bass hammers along with the multiple guitars that crush your eardrums. This is straight-up punk and it’s not for the faint of heart, let me tell you.


5. Quality Cinema – “Remember

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Poetic and dreamlike, Quality Cinema wraps you up in sultry harmonies and slowly strummed guitar. The drums are washed out in the background creating a subtle rhythm, while your ears are captivated by the swooning vocals. It’s experimental and pleasant to listen to if you’re looking for something more low-key.


6. Charlie Burg – “Warm Rain Clap

Where has Charlie Burg been hiding?! Our first time hearing his expansive album, we couldn’t help but think that this is a Detroit treasure to behold. It’s a perfect mix of electronic and R&B, with beautiful vocals and an infectious rhythm that plays with acoustic guitar and well-produced beats. It’s beautiful and warm with lots of complementing layers.


7. Break Anchor – “All I Have

Just want to yell at the world and have a good time? Well look no further, Break Anchor will have you head banging and thrashing around like a maniac. Their anthemic punk rock sound is nostalgic for some of us who enjoyed turning to music for a sweet release from all that angst.


8.  Nuntheless – “Nuntheless [001]

Here you’ll find an interesting combo of jazz instrumental and electronic sound that moves at it’s own pace. It’s full of a myriad of sounds and melodies that make it hypnotic and groovy.

9. PRIM (formerly known as Skinny Wrists) – “As Sweet As We

Sweet and laidback, PRIM takes us on a casual acoustic ride with floating, beautiful vocals and a tender ear-feel. It’s quietly moody and intoxicating.

10. Valley Hush – “Goodbye, Sweet Mango

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A reminder that not everything stays the same, Valley Hush recently released this single in the wake of their adventurous move to L.A. It’s nostalgic and emotional, but feels playful with its rhythmic beat and lyricism.