Detroit Proud is back, bringing you a fine list of artists from all across the city of Detroit. This week, we have new music that will surely put you in the mood for this beautiful fall weather we’re having.

Take a listen!

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1. Adventurer – “Broke

Check out this post-hardcore group that takes all their feels and puts it into their catchy, no-nonsense jams. It’s some of the classiest post-hardcore we’ve heard in awhile.

2. Ritual Howls – “This is Transcendence

Dark and industrial, Ritual Howls is the soundtrack to the shadows and some of the creepy, dark places we’re so curious to explore. The uniqueness of their sound is intriguing and the twang of this band will have you grabbing for more.

3. Cheetahs – “Dirty Heels

Looking for a fun listening experience? Check out this power pop band that will have you on your feet and dancing by the first track. It’s a great combo of punk and glam that has a universal appeal to all music listeners.

4. Girl Fight – “A.M.F.A.D

You can’t beat a band that identifies themselves as feminist punk. This two-piece is intense and rough with the simplicity of a guitar and drum kit. You won’t second guess the power of these two when you hear their punk rock jams.

5. Prude Boys – “Talking to Myself

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Don’t let the band name fool you. This group’s sound is far from prude. If you like some naughty punk with a good dose of rock, you’re in for a treat. This trio will be one of your new favorites, guarantee it.

6. Human Skull – “Elephant-Shaped Son

Thick and fuzzy punk rock with lots of energy, is the best way we can describe Human Skull. They know how to jam hard, but make it an enjoyable and tasteful punk experience.

7. Hermit Kingdom – “At Her Every Door

Their experimental demo is a syrupy synth play-scape with psychedelic vibes running deep. It’s a unique and cultural exploration of music and we appreciate their adventurousness.

8. Choking Susan – “I Hate My Life

Choking Susan doesn’t mess around and neither should you when listening to their punk rock, heavy jamming tunes. Female-led in all its glory, Choking Susan is a force to behold if you’re ready to get down and dirty with some rioting punk rockers.

9. Mister – “George

Lyrical genius and quick-lipped rapper Mister will charm and amaze you with his smooth and ambitious hip/hop single “George”. It’s moody and funky with a bit of an introspective vibe. One of our all-time favorites kills it again.

10. Maria French – “Amanda

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Fresh on the music scene in Detroit, Maria French has an experimental project that features her beautifully haunting vocals and simplistic guitar, meshed casually as an artful exploration into the field of recorded and produced sound. It’s a petite little number, but you won’t be able to escape her gorgeous voice and sentimental vision for her songs.