It’s time for the 10th Annual DIY Street Fair in Ferndale! This weekend (September 22nd-24th), downtown Ferndale will flourish with art vendors, food vendors, drinks, and most importantly, music!


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We’ve got a handful of artists on our playlist this week that will be performing! So check it out!


1. Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – “Old Love

Eclectic and dancy, this group will have you on your feet with their unique style and upbeat personas.

2. Handgrenades – “Daily Routine

Energetic indie rockers, Handgrenades put their heart and soul into their jams and it shows. They have disgustingly catchy and addictive songs that you won’t want to miss.

3. The Outer Vibe – “Fionna

A 5-piece indie band out of Nashville, The Outer Vibe are gracing us with their “surf disco” tunes and their colorful stage presence. Get ready for a musical adventure!

4. Bars of Gold – “The Hustle

Thick-skinned and rough, Bars of Gold just might jam your faces off with their perfect Detroit gruffness. It’s a little bit punk, a little bit hard rock…just trust us.

5. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – “We Deserve A Happy Ending

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If the name doesn’t grab you, this energetic group will! Their high-energy country blues vibe is brilliant and just downright fun. If you’re ready for something different in Detroit, check out the Big Damn Band!

6. Tart – “Toothache

Sharp and sexy, Tart commands your attention when they begin their new wave, punk set. Make sure you catch them at DIY this year to hear their new single!

7. Gold Crayon – “Set It On Fire

Alternative rock and experimental, Gold Crayon brings indie rock to a new level with their ferocious jams.

8. Bear vs. Shark – “Catamaran

This post-hardcore group has been well known around the music scene and will be back in action for the DIY Fest! Check out their righteous set featuring iconic, experimental rock that will knock your socks off.

9. Royal Sweets – “Since When

Rustic and nostalgic, Royal Sweets takes a classic groove that feels little like classic rock and folk all mixed together. Take a listen and enjoy the relaxing tunes!

10. The Black Drops – “Damaged Goods

Get lost in The Black Drops this weekend with their snazzy power pop/rock vibe. It’s unique and fun, and will have you dancing in the street into the night.


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Enjoy DIY, music lovers!