It’s the 40th annual Dally in The Alley this weekend!

Take a listen to some of the featured artists playing the festival below! There’s always more where that came from, so check out the lineup and don’t miss one of the best events of the year!

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1. Honeybabe – “Resist The Temptation

Beachy, psych-rock with a garage feel that’s gritty and earthy. You’ll want to dance along to these jams all night.


2. Mango Lane – “Is It Over Yet

Another great one from Mango Lane! These guys kill the bedroom chill, synth-rock genre. It feels spacey and nostalgic with swooning vocals and laid back groove.


3. Isles of ESP – “War On All Sides

Moody and brooding. This acoustic, lyrical number is intellectual and poetic. It makes you think, and that’s what music is really all about. Nothing fancy, just a simplistic guitar track to draw the ear towards the words.


4. Holly Bernt Band – “Wake Up, Love

Warm and cozy, Holly Bernt serenades us with her hauntingly beautiful voice and delicate guitar chords. A dusty piano plunks a sweet harmony in the backdrop and it almost feels like you’re in a dream. Settle down and soak this one in.


5. Ancient Language – “Alive Tonight

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Looking for a surreal listening experience? Just take a listen to Ancient Language’s new album. It’s relaxing, sexy, and perfectly crafted for a sultry groove that never lacks surprise. These tracks are a force to be reckoned with as you take a deep breath and let the power of synth-sound wash over you.


6. Anthony Retka’s Big Parade – “Walk Away

A generous dose of heartbreaking folk never hurt anyone, right? These tracks are wholesome, deep and well-manicured to soothe your ears. The soft acoustic, smooth bass and revitalizing harmonies will draw you in and wrap you in a warm, folky hug.

7. Mega Powers – “Deep In

These tracks will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of some slinky, retro R&B club covered in glitter. These smooth beats are intoxicating and make you want to move every part of your body to the groove.


8. Junglefowl – “Chopping Block

One of the sickest duos in Detroit, Junglefowl just released a hard-hitting single that will knock your socks off. It’s alternative, heavy and sickeningly addictive. The vocals are dripping wet and the guitars rage hard throughout the entirety of the track. It’s amazeballs.

9. Mother Cyborg – “Earth Dreams

Get transported to another dimension with Mother Cyborg’s track, “Earth Dreams.” It’s simplistic and synthy, with poetic lyricism and creeping vocals. It’s a piece of artistic expression through music.

10. Sax and Violence – “Underworldly

Looking for some spacey synth, but also can’t miss out on your saxophone obsession? Well we’ve got the perfect duo for you! Sax and Violence brings you some ambient doom jazz that will blow your top. Who says jazz and electronic music can’t coexist?


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Check out next week’s playlist for more Detroit artists!