It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to an end, but don’t get too sad just yet! The Hamtramck Labor Day Festival is right around the corner! This weekend (Sept. 2nd-4th) will be your last chance to soak up all those summer vibes and enjoy a variety of local music, drinks, and eats. Admission is free and there will be carnival rides, yacht races and an assortment of events for all ages!

So stop by Joseph Campau and get your last taste of summer this weekend in Hamtramck!

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In honor of the festival, this week’s playlist is dedicated to some of the bands gracing multiple stages this weekend:

1. Duane The Jet Black Eel – “Brand New Dog, Same Old Tricks

Lookin’ for a dance track? Well look no further. DUANE kicks the beats with this futuristic jam that revitalizes those old school, 90’s club tracks. Get classy and thrashy with this great single.

2. Mexican Knives – “Beach Song

Beloved Detroit band Mexican Knives gives us those surf, garage vibes with thick guitar and crashing drums. A great mash of punk and oldies that will be the soundtrack to the rest of your summer.

3. Tin Foil – “Can’t Stay Here

Straight up rock n’ roll. Tin Foil has riffs for days that will make your skin tingle. It’s fuzzy, it’s thick, and full of catchy melodies. Don’t miss their set this weekend, it’s a real treat.

4. Dear Darkness – “You Told Me On The Phone

New wave and unapologetic, Dear Darkness are the ladies of post-punk who will show you what Detroit leading ladies are all about. This single is all over the place in all the best ways and will have you head-banging along. 

5. Devious Ones – “Djarum Summers

Heavy punk group, Devious Ones will have you on your feet with their high-powered guitar and anthemic vocals. They don’t mess around when it comes to playing loud and fast. Check them out for yourselves!

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6. Tunde Olaniran – “Transgressor

Always entertaining and inspiring, Tunde Olaniran’s hit track is a masterpiece of dance and experimental hip-hop that will be stuck in your head for days to come. It’s a heavy-hitter with swooning vocals and a thick, addictive bass drop. 

7. Bevlove – “Do What I Say

Sultry and sexy, Bevlove brings the heat with her deep bass track, “Do What I Say”. She’s powerful and mysterious with her seductive lyrics and hyper-catchy beat.

8. Deadbeat Beat – “See You All The Time

Uplifting, surf rock with hints of punk and pop. Deadbeat Beat know how to catch you from the first track and have you endlessly hooked. It’s a perfect mash of acoustic and electric guitar with powerful percussion and perky melody. 

9. Pewter Cub – “King Baby

Excellently alternative with playful jangle pop and sultry vocals, Pewter Cub will have you swaying along one minute and then headbanging the next. Their shoegaze sound is intriguing to listen to and even more exciting to see in person.

10. Little Animal – “Lush

Spacey dance pop with haunting vocals and a smooth, R&B vibe. Little Animal plays with texture and sounds to create an immersive experience that borders on meditative and ambient. It’s sexy and sultry, so throw it on and find your best slow-jam dance moves.


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Enjoy the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival!