This week we’re digging through Detroit music to bring you the most recent releases in the last few months. Take a listen to hear what our artists are up to!


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1. Balance – “Serpent’s Serpent

You can’t think of Detroit without thinking jazz, and this duo will remind you of the soul we’ve got here in the city. The classical piano combined with a sultry saxophone will put you in a relaxed trance-like state of euphoria. It’s an emotional, romantic musical journey that’s improvised for your listening pleasure.

2. Craig Michael – “Like A Rainbow

Utilizing interesting synthy beats that remind us of an old school Nintendo game, Craig Michael lays hip-hop/pop vocals over electronic melodies. It almost has a slight new wave spin to it that we appreciate with a few tracks featuring simple acoustic. It’s an interesting project coming into its own.

3. Remnose – “The Beans

This dreamy, alt-country band makes us want to lay in a bed of wildflowers and stare at the sky. The beautiful melodies and slide guitar bring old school folk and country crashing into surfy, psychedelic electric guitar vibes. It’s a swoon-worthy combination of sounds and ideas that really make for a great listening experience on all fronts.

4. Atom Indesctructible – “Body High

Moral Crime Mixtape is a moody and beat-driven instrumental album with perfectly matched samples and a groovy, hip-hop vibe. There are snippets of electronic noise that create an otherworldly groove, and borders slightly on the obscure. It’s intense and highly produced, giving off an EDM essence.

5. Passalacqua – “Joni

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Back at it again and as good as ever, Passalacqua released an EP that will have you thinking and rethinking. Their smooth beats and thoughtful lyricism transcends typical hip/hop and brings awareness to the forefront of their musical talent. It’s tasteful, silly, witty and downright funky.

6. The Messenger Birds – “Around The Sun

Thick bass, catchy vocals and an electric chorus. The Messenger Birds have done it again with their new single “Around The Sun.” It’s dripping with insane guitar licks, upbeat percussion and a bluesy, moody vibe that will make you want to get up and move. These guys keep kickin’ it off and we’re glad to hear some new stuff!

7. Stop! Look! Listen! – “I Do and I Don’t

These guys are an interesting mash-up of acoustic guitar and brief spurts of techno. They’ve married the two together in a fast-paced jam that feels energizing and alternative. It’s a careful balance between high and low energy and we appreciate the showcase of talent on both fronts.

8. Illuminator – “Fun

Instrumental trance beats with some interesting synth incorporated. This recently released sample album is simplistic and slightly quirky with lots of layers.

9. Float Here Forever – “Tranquilize” 

Intense guitar and percussion, followed up with deep bass and moody vocals. These guys remind us of some of our post-punk bands with their anthemic chord progressions and super catchy lyrics.

10. The Imaginatron – “Better Living Through Oblivion

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Psychedelic and full of colorful instrumentation, The Imaginatron lives up to their name with swirling electric guitar, thick synth and emphatic vocals. It’s a bit dark, a bit punk, but more so it’s a pure expression of artistic passion.