It’s the season for shows and festivals in Detroit! This week we’re featuring a pop-up festival in downtown with a laid back and unique vibe! There will be live music, live art installations, and even some performance art! The festival is open to all ages with a $10 cover. The festival is Saturday, July 29th from 10AM-10PM.

Proceeds go to benefit Youth Programs & Community Services in Detroit.

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So don’t miss your chance to have fun AND make a difference at this year’s Reboot: Indie Fest!

1. Off The Ledge – “Best Intentions

Jazzy and jam band-esque, Off The Ledge is clever and upbeat with lots of thick basslines and groovy percussion. The vocals are forward and bluesy with lots of rippin’ guitar to round out the sound. It’s definitely a summer groove to enjoy.

2. Mochsha – “Wake Up

Mochsha delivers a nostalgic 90’s vibe reminiscent of Nirvana with heavy guitar and drawling vocals. It’s almost a strange underwater experience that’s brought on by swirling effects. Take a listen to this moody track and you’ll see what we mean.

3. Ape Not Kill Ape – “Red Room

A dark and sinister punk rock group that rips on guitar and creates a nightmarish scene with their music. It feels like Halloween all the days of the year with these guys. It’s noisy, loud, and delectably gothic.

4. The Radiotypes – “Monday

Such a fun garage rock band! The lyricism is relatable, the guitars are powerful and the drums are fierce. It’s punk-pop with catchy choruses and a full sound that fills the crevices of your ear drums with thick rhythm.

5. Sojii – “Pigpen

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This track is simplistic and complex all at the same time. It seems there’s a lot going on, but it’s mostly a combination of post punk genius and noise rock. It’s gritty with lots of stamina and we appreciate their fiery energy.

6. Party Days – “Distortions

Lots of synth and subtle percussion makes this a dreamy, surreal listening experience with haunting vocals and floating harmonies. It’s another nostalgic one that will bring back all the feels of those angsty, party days (see what we did there?).

7. Chosen By Fate – “Allison

A fast-paced heavy rock jam that feels like anthem rock, but rips like heavy metal. It’s a little Motorhead, a little AC/DC, and a whole lot of rock n’ roll. Go ahead and muse over the drippy guitar on this one. It’s a real jamfest.

8. After Hours Radio – “Systemic

Little bit of psychedelia, little bit of reggae, a whole lot of groovin’. After Hours Radio brings us a syrupy, daydreamy listen that will take you on a real music trip. The guitars soar off into the abyss and the bass is rhythmic and soothing. A real psychedelic treat.

9. Brother Son – “Magical

Always pleasing to the ear, Brother Son creates a full sound with melodic guitars, spunky keys and an indie-pop vibe that’s upbeat and a smidge bluesy. Their instrumentation is layered and complex, making this a perfectly meshed song.

10. Telephon9 – “No Stones (Uncovered)

Telephon9 will give you every reason to dance until you can’t anymore. Their dance/EDM style is a perfect mashup of catchy verses and popular rhythmic beats (don’t forget the bass drop too). It’s tasteful and what we would consider easy listening for those just getting into the EDM scene.

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Check back with us next week for more local music and events!