The CW50 Street Team headed out for another weekend at the wonderful Ann Arbor Art Fair! Though it was very hot and humid, the crowd did not disappoint. Thousands came out to explore the different artworks displayed across the downtown area. We talked with David and Wendy Geut, a couple from California, who make the trip year after year for the event! “It’s part of what makes Ann Arbor so unique,” expressed David.
Artists from across the nation had booths setup to showcase their mixed-media arts. Jenna Krug, a painter from Long Island, was an exciting new face to see this year! Embracing her fascination with astronomy, Jenna’s work was very colorful, unique, and out of this world! It certainly caught our attention.
We are eager to see who will be returning next year, as well as what other new artists we’ll have the pleasure of meeting! Hope to see you all there as well!


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