This week we’re all about that gritty, grungy, punk sound. Take a listen below to see who’s kicking up dust in Detroit and the surrounding areas! Let the thrashing commence!

1. The Painted Dogs – “Amen

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Rebellious and sinister, The Painted Dogs mix garage rock and punk to create a dark and tumultuous sound that will have you headbanging along.

2. Fault Choir – “Phoenix

This ambient, post-rock group paints a vivid musical picture with melodic guitar and low-key drums that practically writes itself. It’s mellow and groovy. A perfect sound that needs no words.

3. Cruthu – “Lady In The Lake

A bass lover’s dream is all that comes to mind when we listen to Cruthu. It’s dramatic and bluesy with a heavy metal, stoner feel that takes its time. No rushing the slow, brooding jams here.

4. Wild Savages – “Golem

Rowdy, biker rock n’ roll at its heart, Wild Savages gets head-deep in gritty, classic metal. The vocals are haunting, the guitars and bass are front and center, while the drums drive it on home

5. No/Breaks – “Buzzkill

This track may just be a minute, but it’s the most intense, hyper minute you’ll ever experience. The entirety of a song jam-packed into a double kick drum, psychomental fiasco that can’t be tamed.

6. Gear Jammer – “Nobody’s Fool

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Here’s another bass one for you! It’s revved up and ready to rock. Gear Jammer is a garage rock, house-show style band that rips without a care. It’s full-blown punk, but there’s a spark of unique song arrangement that makes it appeasing.

7. Pajamas – “Ascend

Beautiful electric guitar, deep bass and a nostalgic vibe. It’s a groovy, almost jazzy rendition that will leave you captivated. We can’t overstate how glorious their guitar skills are. It’s exquisite.

8. Chirp – “Bound

We dare you not to have a great ole’ time while listening to Chirp. Their playful, bluesy guitars and low-key rock vibes have us grooving all over the place. It has an essence of progressive funk and melodic jams that are pleasing to the ears.

9. Stormy Chromer – “Virginia In Vermont

Combining great instrumentation and storytelling lyricism makes for a captivating listening experience. It’s progressive, catchy and poppy with beautiful guitar work and even more impressive percussion.

10. Before Pictures – “Somedays

Spacey, math rock and a bit new wave, Before Pictures has a surfy, synth-like sound that’s sure to intrigue you. It’s casual, yet energetic and holds your attention.


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Check back next week for more Detroit music!