Ferndale’s favorite festival is back for another weekend of bbq, booze, and music! Pig & Whiskey offers a little something for everyone, with free admission for all ages and three nights of summer soaked indulgence. Take a trip to 9 mile and East Troy Street in Ferndale to see what the fuss is all about.

Also, you won’t want to miss all of the awesome after parties happening at The Loving Touch! Admission is free!

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Check out this week’s playlist, featuring a few acts you can catch at this year’s Pig & Whiskey!

1. Electric Six – “Mood Is Improving

Long time Detroit artists, inspiring to never recreate the same album twice, bring new spin to alternative rock with layers of electronic, industrial beats and gothic moods.

2. The High Strung – “In The Middle

Another Detroit music veteran, The High Strung flies off the handle with their indie pop rock charm and always entertain with their adventurous and upbeat melodies.

3. Laith Al-Saadi – “Complete Disgrace

(credit: Mitchell Glotzer)

The voice of a god and the guitar skills of a real professional, Laith Al-Saadi is a charmer. This talented artist gives old school a new pair a shoes and captures the blues in a way no one else can.

4. Frontier Ruckus – “Positively Freaking

Folk favorites with moody lyricism and heartfelt vocals that may just tear you up inside. Frontier Ruckus hits you right in the gut with their instrumental talents and nostalgic sound.

5. Honeybabe – “Almost

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These guys are beachy and psychedelic. Perfect summer listening, in our opinion. They know how to mix genres to make a unique and universally appealing sound that will soothe the ears.

6. Libby Decamp – “Old Witch

She’s the mistress of folk, the slayer of demons, and a goddess behind the microphone. Her storytelling lyrics will transport you back to a simpler time and make you feel at home. Her talent and song-quality is unmatched in the realm of bluegrass folk.

7. Will Sessions – “Off The Line

(credit: Doug Coombe)

Always jazzy and soulful, Will Sessions raises the bar to a funkier level with an uproarious horn section, raw vocals and unflinching rhythm. It’s just what  Detroit music embodies.

8. Earth Engine – “Joy Blue

Textured, progressive rock that is spacey and deep. It’s experimental, complex and full of musical surprises. It’s a dominating sound that will captivate you and make you wonder what genres are really all about.

9. Eleanora – “Simple Man

(credit: Lisa Joan)

Swooning vocals, a myriad of instruments and a jazzy, soulful sound. Eleanora beefs up the typical acoustic sound with rhythm-soaked abundance and chamber folk grooves.

10. Jerry Dreams – “Charleston S.C.

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Progressive indie group Jerry Dreams takes you on a folky journey with what they coined as “folktronica”. It’s a match made in heaven and we honor their adventurous journey into this addictive genre.