Corktown STRUT is happening this week! We’ve got a special playlist dedicated to a few of the talented artists playing over 4th of July weekend around venues in Detroit. You won’t want to miss out on this once-a-year festival. It’s brimming with tasty foods and top-notch musical performances!

Get a taste for what’s to come below and check out the Corktown STRUT webpage to get the full lineup and buy tickets!

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1. Growwing Pains – “Chalk Up A Smile

Gritty, anxiety pop with lots of surfy guitar and perky percussion. The vocals and lyricism tie it together with an indifferent, cynical feel that make it hard to resist.

2. Ancient Language – “Fear For Love

Catchy as ever, Ancient Language’s new single is sultry and energetic with powerful harmonies and a well-defined beat. It’s perfectly constructed and easy on the ears.

3. Taxon Clade – “Morning Calls

Taxon Clade is such a pleasant listen, it’s hard not to fall in love. The guitar is bright with tasteful, unobtrusive drums and quirky xylophone. You can’t be in a bad mood when grooving to these playful tunes.

4. Village Wives – “No Good

Rippin’ guitar drives this track with exalting vocals and the occasional off-the-wall shredding. It’s powerful, eclectic and classic indie rock.  

5. Minihorse – “Drink You Dry

Fuzzy guitar all over the place with syrupy drums make this track feel like it’s swimming in jello. The vocals whisper perfectly-written lyrics into your ear. It doesn’t rush into anything, and we like that laid back vibe.

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6. Cousin Mouth – “Blue Hair

Otherworldly beats and a soulful voice comprise the majority of what makes Cousin Mouth so unique. The vibes are sultry R&B, with an extraterrestrial twist.

7. Tart – “Miss Me (Demo)

Sinister was ever, Tart brings the nasty back with their demo, “Miss Me”. Female vocals rip you apart with guitar rumbles right beneath the surface to give that dark, thick feel.

8. Reverend – “Sun Spots

Running rampant with guitar and cymbal-heavy drums, Reverend has an action-packed album that wastes no time getting right to the jams. It’s loud, rambunctious and thoroughly enjoyable.

9. VSTRS – “Traveling

Dark and deep, VSTRS track “Traveling” is a jam-journey with minimal lyricism, so all you have to focus on is the psychedelic beats that transport you far off into the rock abyss. The guitar solos entice and the bass line delivers, while the drums bond it all together in a hypnotic psychedelia.

10. Recloose – “Honey Rocks

A multi-layer listening experience. Recloose dishes up some intense production on this track. It’s dancy, sophisticated and enlightening. There’s so much to explore on this track that you don’t want to miss a beat.


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Enjoy your holiday weekend safely and responsibly!