Detroit music is everywhere. You won’t want to miss all of the shows and festivals happening in and around the city this summer. Many of the bands featured on our playlists are playing live sets throughout these warm months! Take some time to get acquainted with the artists that give us another reason to exclaim how AWESOME Detroit is!


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1. Odmiana – “Pipes n Lites

Nostalgic math rock with soft vocals and top-notch guitar work. This jammy band is brimming with talent waiting to be explored. Check out their most recent release, Snowplay, for more complex tracks and wicked beats.

2. Parkway & Columbia – “New World

This band is surfy and swoon-worthy with echoing guitar and complimenting percussion. The vocals are emotional and the lyrics are addictive with ear-pleasing synth and incredible instrumentation.

3. Swordfish – “Rodia

“Rodia” is a ghostly track with melancholy vocals and storytelling lyricism. It leans towards the dark side, but seamlessly transitions to a hopeful, brassy tune with a twinge of grit.

4. Bad Television – “Why Physicists Don’t Blow Up the Moon

Post-hardcore group Bad Television pulls at your heartstrings with this track from their 2012 album, This Album Has a Lion On It. It’s serenading, wholesome and instrumental. The entire album is a work of art with lots of heart.

5. OBLISK – “Tunnel of Phoenix

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Noisy, psychedelic rock with hints of orchestral mood. It’s other-worldly and will have you floating in a state of bliss. It’s remarkably beautiful with far-off vocals that will tug on your heartstrings.

6. FUR – “Similac

Intense and spacey, FUR’s new single “Similac” is a darkwave, industrial journey with heavy percussion and mesmerizing synth. The vocals remind us a lot of Radiohead in that ghostly, melodic kind of way. It’s a twist in a new direction that we can appreciate.

7. Mega Powers – “Day of Rest

Always classy and serene, Mega Powers does it again with their recent EP Winterludes. It’s sultry and smooth, making this a pleasant listen when you just need to zone out and take a journey into your cluttered mind.

8. Crate Digga – “Hardbody

Urban and trippy, Crate Digga meshes futuristic beats with classic urban styles. It’s well-produced and appealing to the ear. There’s nothing brash about his delivery and it’s manicured, electronic perfection.

9. Wire In The Wood – “Madison

Looking for some classic, folky bluegrass? Well look no further. This mashup by Wire in the Wood is accessible bluegrass that doesn’t feel too old school. It’s hard not to tap your foot along, so be prepared to keep your eyes glued to these talented musicians and their impeccable string skills.

10. Drinkard Sisters – “Keep The Sun Upon Your Shoulders

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Harmonies, harmonies, harmonies. That’s all we really have to say about these two incredibly talented ladies. They’ve got a folk sound that packs a punch and will have you swooning. The simple acoustic guitar pays homage to their hearty vocals and thoughtful lyricism.