This week we’re exploring the usual and unusual genres of music in Detroit. There are so many great artists to cover, that we couldn’t possibly fit them all into one, quick playlist. So this playlist is dedicated to the artists who like to think outside of the box.

1. Retro Retro League – “They’re Not Broke

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Fuzzy and dark, these guys aren’t trying to be the belle of the ball. They’re raw, garage rock fellows with lots of energy and even more weirdness than we can handle. We’re just going to call this experimental with an edge.

2. The Shouting Club – “Bell Song

Power pop rock with an old-school twist. This band keeps it together with some 90’s vibes that will take you back to the days of flannel and CD players. There’s no doubt you’ll love the melancholy lyricism and poppy groove.

3. Legume – “Peach Fuzz Beauty

Surf, slacker rock with lots of DIY tendencies. It’s uplifting, a bit slighted, but overall fun and charming. We love the stoner vibe of the vocals mixed with this bright and cheery guitar chiming in the backdrop.

4. Uplifting Earth – “FREQ

Booty temple, psychedelic music. That’s the closest we’re going to get to the perfect description of this album. It’s like a Buddhist monk learned how to DJ and well, it’s pretty dope. It uses traditional, eastern sounds combined with a trance-like, house beat. Dance and say your mantra AT THE SAME TIME.

5. Alice Dreamt – “In My Head

Gritty acoustic tunes with a slightly sad ambiance.  It’s simplistic and rough around the edges, but some of the best music comes from that place! We highly recommend this for your more blue days.

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6. The Gas Hounds – “Ain’t Nobody

Clear and clever lyricism, a simplistic rock n’ roll vibe. This band has this one single and it’s a pretty catchy little diddy. It’s a chill track with lots of banging drums and fun guitar riffs to jam to.

7. Pierre Anthony – “My Influence

Slick R&B/hip-hop groove. It’s sexy, sultry and sick. The rhymes are a force to be reckoned with, while the backing beat is smooth and relaxing. The mix is clear as crystal and the butteriness is addictive.

8. Mountclair – “Graffiti

A sweet rock ballad that’s got that post-hardcore vibe, mixed with a smidge of emo. It’s catchy with perfectly executed instrumentation and really brings the youth back to music.

9. Tunde Olaniran – “Diamonds ft. iRAWniq & Passalacqua)

Always boisterous, always fabulous, always the real deal. Tunde will make you dance, make you think, make you sing. The entire album is grimey hip-hop that will have your booty shaking and your mind reeling.

10. Jon Zott – “Feel ft. Jaye Prime

Tastefully done House music, with a touch of pop that will make you want to dance or at least sway between the beats. It’s a welcome change from the extremely bass heavy electronic music of late. We love the personality and suavity of this track.  

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Check back next week for more Detroit music at its finest!