Another week, another list of Detroit music for your ears! Take a look at what we had to say about some artists making their debut on the playlist this week!


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1. Gold Route – “Void

Pop punk group, Gold Route released a hardcore punk album late last month and it’s a lyrical journey combined with emotional vocals and intense instrumentation. It has all of the typical hardcore, pop-punk flair with a more visceral delivery.

2. The Seeker – “Wonder In Your Eyes

Singer-songwriter, The Seeker captures a 60’s classic rock vibe with his release, Ashen Smile. It’s reflective and thoughtful with catchy choruses and intriguing verse. Take some time to sit with this one and dwell on the concept of life. You’ll be better for it.

3. Rainbow Room – “I’m Waiting For The End of The World (Deep In My Heart)

This quickly-recorded album was manifested over the course of a weekend, which we find rather impressive! The quality is pretty high for a spur-of-the-moment jam session that turned into a full-length album. It’s fuzzy, alternative and a bit silly at times, which makes this a fun album to explore.

4. The Whistlestop Revue – “Hold On

All the wonders of bluegrass, string instruments in a perfect package is the best way to describe The Whistlestop Revue. Their twangy vocal harmonies, a slick banjo and even more entrancing guitar and bass jam a long effortlessly, making this a hootin’ hollerin’ good tune to two-step to.

5. Former Critics – “American Courage

Former Critics is a female-fronted alternative, punk band with heavy-guitar laden tracks and high-energy drums that drive the song forcefully forward. The play between vocals and instrumentation is well-matched and adds to the angst.

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6. The Plastic Bears – “Stoddard Park

The Plastic Bears bring a whole new world of punk rock with spunky melody and new wave vocal tactics. This single is interesting on many levels and we thoroughly enjoy the instrumentation that rides between punk and some type of indie rock, new wave mish-mash.

7. BAVE – “Meat Fever

These guys are a jam-band to the max. If you’re looking for rippin’ guitar solos, outrageous drumming and slappin’ bass runs, this is the band for you. They have progressive style that feels systematic, but also carefree and improvised. It’s a bit jazzy, and a whole lot groovy.

8. DUANE – “Anguilliformes

This is an interesting combo of folk and funk rock. It has a classic rock vibe, but it’s spruced up with a bit more eclectic personality. It’s quirky, dance-inducing and just a fun tune to listen to when you’re looking for something a little different.

9. Feral Ground – “Pieces

This sexy hip-hop release by Feral Ground is a beautifully composed track with a sultry beat and thick verses that are undeniably catchy. The chorus breaks out into a dance-like beat that will have you on your feet.  You won’t want this track to be over, it’s THAT addictive.

10. Atmig – “Trip”

A high energy group that plays with the lines between singer-songwriter, indie rock and country western twang. There are playful harmonies, perfectly placed bridges and impressive cohesiveness throughout the instrumentation. You don’t usually hear these kinds of instruments played this way, so sit back and enjoy!


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Come back next week for more Detroit music!