Nothing like a little Detroit music to raise your spirits after that long holiday weekend! Check out these local artists below for oldies, newbies and of course, all goodies.

1. Escaping Pavement – “What Will We Do Then?

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Twangy and earthy, Escaping Pavement’s single “What Will We Do Then?” is a solemn tune that reminds us how finite our physical world is. A violin weeps in the backdrop as the vocal harmonies cast a dark shadow over the acoustic melody. It’s emotional, thoughtful, and spine-tingling.

2. Thunderwude – “Sittin’ On The Bank

Thunderwude brings us some playful, serenading bluegrass with soft vocals, bright guitar and complimentary bass. It’s uplifting and enjoyable, like something you’d tap your foot to while sitting in a ramshackle cafe in the middle of the Appalachia.

3. The Bardobees – “The Will

Sophisticated and complex, The Bardobees lack nothing when it comes to well-composed indie rock. There is a slight tenderness in the melodies that jives well with the climactic beats and orchestral percussion. Their album reflects a play between darkness and light, which reminds us of a more cinematic Radiohead.

4. Stormy Chromer – “Alucinaré

This single is heady and melodic, with soft edges wrapping a hard rock core. The guitar work is mesmerizing and the percussion is fast-paced. It’s very high-energy with complex instrumentation that will leave you awestruck.

5. Trout – “No Use In Wondering Why

Blues and rock n’ roll never sounded so good. This thick, guitar-laden single is dripping with moodiness and grit. It’s old school, with a modern twist that we can’t help but fall in love with. The lyrics are catchy and well-written with all the feels mixed in. These guys have heart and it shows in their musical talents.

6. Backpacks – “Bad Dreams

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Backpack’s single “Bad Dreams” is a mellow, punk rock number with hints of early 2000’s emo rock. The ebb and flow of this track is a soft and melodic verse, switching seamlessly to a screamo, guitar slamming chorus. The energy transitions quickly and allows the listener a bounce-back to rage hard at optimal times during the track.

7. FUR – “Mein

We’re really enjoying the wordplay of this track, but titles aside, this post-punk, dark wave single is a deep and sinister listen. The vocals are haunting, while the guitars cut through and keep the mood of the song almost apocalyptic in nature. The bass and guitar are perfectly aligned and really drive the heart of the track.

8. Novelty Theory – “Demiurge

So many mashups happening here with Novelty Theory’s song “Demiurge”. It’s alternative rock, electronic, soul, you name it. The vocals are impressively conducted on this track and the pop-rock vibe is easily relatable to what you might hear on your modern pop radio station. Thoughtful lyricism and impressive instrumentation make this an interesting listen, to say the least.

9. Sheets – “PLB

Intriguing! Sheet’s single “PLB” is something of the imagination. It’s full of acoustic guitar, playing perplexing melodies with the sound of hoofs beating in the background with manipulated vocals and simplistic drums. There’s also some flute sounds? We’re not sure if that’s what it is, but we like where it’s going.

10. Casey Cooper – “Downer Party

Acoustic, singer-songwriter Casey Cooper is clever with his lyricism and simple on the tunes. It’s a perfect mesh that allows for what he coins, “sarcoustic” music to shine bright. His husky, folky voice cuts over the acoustic and really carries the wordy lyricism.


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Check back next week for more Detroit music and events!