This week, we have a special edition of the Detroit Proud Playlist hosted by local funk rock band, The Social Bandits!

Check out their full-length release, In Retrospect on their Bandcamp page! You’ll find yourself swimming in a glorious sea of funk, jazz, reggae, and rock. The perfect culmination of genres that will have you on your feet and fancy free. These guys don’t mess around with anything other than solid, catchy hits, so you’ll be happy you listened.

Take a peek below to see some of their personal favorites and the nice things they had to say about other Detroit bands!

Brad Rude’s Picks (Vocal/Bass):

1. Jake McArthur – “Don’t Drink the Water

Jake is a good friend of mine, and we enjoy performing together at open mic jams. He has been studying songwriting at DIME in Detroit. This song is off his first EP that came out this month. His lyrics are thoughtful, and his vocal delivery is smooth and sincere.

2. Escaping Pavement – “Silver Lining

Escaping Pavement creates such an effective blend of genres including folk, country, and blues. Their musicianship as both singers and instrumentalists never ceases to impress. I am moved by their soaring vocal harmonies on this track with every listen.

3. Flint Eastwood – “Queen

Flint Eastwood has created an electric track here. There is a triumphant tone to the catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. Flint Eastwood has been making waves through the Detroit scene for good reason!

4. Fifth and Main – “(Little Black Dress & Those) Dancing Shoes


Jesse Medawar’s Picks (Vocal/Guitar):

5. Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas – “Hot Damn

This new song is a great first look at the new Jessica Hernandez album. I’ve always known this band to come out with everything they’ve got, and I was pleased to hear this rockin’ tune up first! The verses, along with the new music video, let me know that Jess is back with an attitude! This song really pulled me in when I first heard the chorus lyric “I see you looking at me.” This section of the song was a great resolution coming from the verses, and rocked just as hard as I had hoped it would.

6. Virginia Violet & the Rays – “Ray Gun Fire

This is one of my favorite tunes from Virginia Violet. The drum groove really leads you into this super funky tune that gets you dancing every time. The vocal melody is very catchy and familiar, while the smooth bass line and killer horn lines complement it perfectly. In the second half of this tune, a rippin’ organ comes in and really lifts the song up to give it just the right feel. This is a band I really enjoy seeing live because of how much fun they have with their audiences!


Dylan Walsh’s Picks (Drums)

7. The True Blue – “Greed

We played with True Blue at The Crofoot last year. I predicted that they would be huge someday the very moment I saw them, and they are definitely on their way! They are cool and humble guys as well.

8. Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas – “Tired Oak

This is my favorite JH tune. Steve Lehane (bass) is a good friend of ours. This song just gets me pumped, and their drummer, Club Stets, kills it.


Evan Mercer’s Picks (Keys):

9. Five Pound Snap – “Lady Gets High

I chose this song because this band is one of my favorites around the Detroit area. They always deliver their sound through a sort of psychedelic lens.

10. Honeybabe – “For Lemon Coated Candy Girl

These guys are one of the hardest working local bands in the area. They always put on a fantastic show with tons of variety and personality, which I believe is captured in this song.


Don’t miss The Social Bandits live, this Friday, May 19th at The Crofoot (Pike Room)! Doors are at 7PM and tickets are $10. You can snag your tickets online here!


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