“Hear Our Voice – A Film By All Of Us About The Women’s March On Washington”: Submit Your Footage!

Alexis Rothenberg CBS 62/CW50 Intern 

Michigan film producers are announcing a nationwide call to action to help assist in their completion of Hear Our Voice – A Film By All Of Us About The Women’s March On Washington. What started out as a concept soon turned into an unofficial documentary about the Women’s March on Washington. Film producer Adam Wright wants to approach this idea as a collaborative effort from everyone involved. He is asking anyone to send in cell-phone footage of the event to their email address: contact@hearourvoice.net.

Women’s March on Washington on 1-22-17 (Photo courtesy of Adam Wright Photography)

Adam Wright and Shannon Basalla, both graduates with B.F.A.’s from Eastern Michigan University, used their skills and knowledge of film production to produce a documentary of The Women’s March on Washington. When they acquired more support from other locally known filmmakers and producers – Ian Sargent, Laura Martin, and Andrew Williams – it helped start the Hear Our Voice journey.

Hear Our Voice is meant to be a collaborative film, people can even send us post-testimonies about how the March affected them,” Adam stated, “We are trying to get footage from every continent” to show the impact the March had on everyone who participated.

Women protesting in a tree during the Women’s March on Washington on 1-22-17.  (Photo courtesy of Adam Wright Photography)

“Being a male, I haven’t lived like these women and I don’t want people to think this documentary is being told from a male perspective, that is why we are taking footage for anyone willing to give,” Adam expressed. When he was explaining why he wanted to get involved, he stated that he wanted Hear Our Voice to be a “collaborate effort from everyone in the world.” Adam and his team want to use their talents to tell the story of these women with help from other women.

Hear Our Voice is documenting the atmosphere of this historical movement to show viewers why this March came together, how it happened, and what it was like to be there. With the hopes of collecting footage from other participants, Adam and his team want to highlight the impact and emotions The Women’s March had on everyone around them. Adam hopes that Hear Our Voice will show the enormous impact of social justice and organized protesting.

Men showing their support during the Women’s March on Washington on 1-22-17.  (Photo courtesy of Adam Wright Photography)

Adam’s team still continues to support the project that is currently in the post-production phase. Hear Our Voice – A Film By All Of Us About The Women’s March On Washington will be released by the end of this year. To send any footage or self-documentation of The Women’s March, email contact@hearourvoice.net

Producers of “Hear Our Voice” (Right to left) Adam Wright, Laura Martin, Ian Sargent, Shannon Basalla, Andrew Williams (photos provided by Adam Wright)


Alexis Rothenberg is in her final semester at Eastern Michigan University. This April, she will graduate with a Bachelors of Science after completing Eastern’s Electronic Media and Film program. Throughout her four years at Eastern Michigan University, Alexis has discovered her passion for screen writing, producing and costume design.

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