The weather is finally breaking here in Detroit and we’ve got a quick little playlist to lighten up your mood!

There’s plenty to choose from this week. We have oldies, but goodies and new releases that you’ll surely have on repeat all throughout the summer.

1. Brother Son – “All I wanted

Perfect for coming out of this winter slump, Brother Son will have you out and about with their upbeat, indie rock jams.

2. Turn to Crime – “Chasing

This experimental rock group dives into the depths of your soul with a sweet, new wave vibe. We guarantee you’ll want this cranked up for those warm, summer drives.

3. Jet Rodriguez – “Self Preservation

Springing with folky depth, Jet Rodriguez creates a cerebral listening experience with haunting vocals and slow-rolling beats that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

4. M.T. Bricks – “The Kidney and The Stone

Raw, acoustic indie rock artist M.T. Bricks brings us a sweet taste of simplicity with this single. Its effortlessness bodes well with the warm weather vibes.

5. Mirror Moon – “Aperture Tracing

Looking for something a little more dark and chaotic? Mirror Moon will carry you into the night with this sultry, punk track that features tinny guitar and a mesmerizing drum/bass combo.

6. High School Sweetheart – “I Dream and The World Trembles

Get ready to dance with this demo from High School Sweetheart. It’s a synth-heavy, electronic-pop track that feels gritty and punkish. It may just be your new late, night groove track.

7. Mother Cyborg – “Earth Dreams

Don’t mess with Mother Cyborg. This new track is teeming with complexities and crisp vocals that float over a cosmic, synth track and feels like you’re aimlessly floating in another universe.

8. The American Automobile – “Porch Light

Perfect for those melancholy, summer days. The American Automobile will tug at those nostalgic heart strings with their folky, emo Americana.

9. Galen Bundy – “Solar

No need for lyricism here! If you need a little pick-me-up, the Galen Bundy’s hyper-jazz tracks will set you up for productivity. There’s no way you could sit still while grooving to this kind of jazz. It’s like a shot of caffeine, jazz style.

10. Oak Bones – “Livin’ a Lie

Classic rock and country become the best of friends in this Oak Bones release. It’s a perfect, sunny day kind of album that will make you want to dance and sing with the ones you love. Thank you to Brian Miller for giving us a taste of his remarkable talent and dedication to the music scene here in Detroit. You will be missed greatly. 


Check back next week for a special playlist, a DETxDET Edition!


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